About Project Volden

Project Volden, or the Lands of Volden, is something I am putting together in order to create a large, highly interactive world for both authors and readers. Some day hopefully it will entertain gamers and movie goers as well.

Project Volden will introduce more and more nations with time, but for now it is focused on Ji-Wei. The land is inspired by the four elements, as elemental spirits are the focus of magic. Fire is to the south in G’desh. Wind swirls around the mountain tops in eternal winter to the north, on Hurskfjell. Water flows in raging rivers and stifling humidity through the western jungle of Sankive. And finally, to the east, the earth claims the plains of Ji-Wei and the Empire founded there.

There are three other worlds on the horizon, with one coming from my wife Dana Davis. A myriad of authors have already been involved. Hopefully in time, more artists and authors, even those who want to write fan fiction which becomes cannon, will join in the fray.

If the world interests you and you want to learn more, feel free to reach out. Even if it’s just to talk about the world so far. You can reach me at paul.r.davis1983@gmail.com.

About Paul R Davis

I wrote a fan fiction at the age of eight. It was about the Big Friendly Giant. I filled a notebook in fifth grade with Jurassic Park. By the time I was sixteen I was writing my own worlds, which transferred eventually into this world.

At Lakeland University I nearly achieved a Creative Writing degree, and instead went with Secondary Education/English, where I never really taught English. I kept writing.

Now I sell restaurant equipment while writing and editing at home. I have two wonderful children and a beautiful and pregnant wife. I wish to use this project to inspire and awe writers and readers, and some day many other individuals who consume other medias.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy the journey.