An aside: as I take care of my uncle and aunt’s pets, I’ve had a realization: I have lost my touch. Slowly I lose my admiratn for these creatures as they poop on the carpet despite being let out. The cat went into full on rebellion mode and went straight for his food, proving a worthy acrobat if properly motivated. The battle ends today, though, as I go back to my own domocile.

Also last night I’ve decided it’s time to get moving in the right direction. The feelings are still there, but I’m doing a lot of research which has been going well. In the future I will likely post it up here.

But on to the topic at hand! Last night my cousin’s team went undefeated in their tournament. He’s about half my age, and one coach did ask if I was his dad. Oh the mistakes made at 15. Anyway, afterwards we were trying to figure out what to do. He was set on Applebee’s because that was the gift card I was given. So I asked him ideally, what would you like? Bdubs, of course. Then I said why don’t we pick it up and take it home to watch a movie? Brilliant! So we went to Best Buy and decided on Brave. We went to Bdubs, where apparently me asking if I should tip for carry out was a skillfull pick up, and got 48 wings. By the end of the movie, my cousin’s plate was a mass grave of chicken wings. Really, it was a mound of death. I was hoping to try some sake, but I wasn’t cooled by the time I needed it. Tonight!

Anyway, we watched Brave, a story about a redhead trying to change her destiny to become a stubborn warrior. I feel the movie is only encouraging the redheaded behavior our society already propagates. Either way, what I’m really going after is how a lot of movies go back and seemingly mock men, lift up woman, and degrade once honorable skills.

The queen held everything together. She held the reigns of her husband and basically commanded him with but a look. While he ruled over the four clans, he needed her to guide him. The three clans were boorish fools. Yet in the movie, it was more desirable for our lead to follow on the footsteps of these boorish warriors. What happened to Wendy, the upstanding mother figure? The lost boys were lost in their own filth without her.

Other things to consider: an at home mother would make over $100,000 for all the tasks she took care of. In a castle they were pretty much keepers of the estate to make sure the logistics went well. My mom was our mechanic, taking care of leaks and the like. And don’t get me wrong, warrior princesses are fine and dandy, but it feels like we keep pushing for them.

On the otherhand, I’m okay with that. If my wife wants to be rich, I would love to play stay at home dad.

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