I’m getting (self)published

Abbott Press called today, the persistent buggers they are. I’ve been called about twice a week for the past month with them asking if I want to get published. Of course I do, but what I really want to be my kick off isn’t ready yet. I’m 40 pages in, haven’t finished the first “story” of the anthology style book, and I have at least five that I want to put in. I keep informing them of this, and for whatever reason they think the story is done the following week. I admit, guiltily, that I’ve been blogging way too much and I haven’t touched my story in likely two weeks. Melna, forgive my weak heart. Hah, Melna forgive? Not likely.

I’ve had a story done since October 2011. I wrote it for someone who means a lot to me, and she had been bugging me to just publish it. The story needs heavy editing, but I can do this much more quickly than writing about Hurskfjell, it’s part of the same world (sort of), and really it’s a great story.

Why is this really getting done? I had a future I sold for a fortune and that’s basically paying off the self publishing. I was going to get some tattoos, but I changed my mind. Sure the griffon and stag of my family crests would be epic, but so is having a hard cover book on my bookshelf with my name on it.

My only shame is that I’m being self published. I feel a little dirty. At the same time, I’m getting over that fear of being published. Sure I cheated, but I’m doing it, something I’ve dreamed of since I was a small child. In the end, I’m super excited for this part of my life, for reaching this goal (no matter how I got there). I’ll likely post things up here as I start the editing process. Very excited!

Edit: Less exciting, and rather terrifying. I did go through a great deal of this story not too long ago. All of those edits are gone. I only have the original, raw, entirely unedited version in digital format. I know where I can get a hard copy of the edits, but otherwise I’m super hoping that it’s on one of the thumb drives at work. Awesome. I finally put my foot forward…and it’s missing.

Second Edit: …you have to be kidding me. Well there’s one more hope. Otherwise there’s only one person that MIGHT have the file on her computer. I have four thumb drives to try, but I’m afraid I may have deleted it to make way for Insanity when I went to Florida. Here’s hoping.

I found it…all’s well.

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