A Writer’s Ego

I’m a horrible, narcissistic, egotistical human being. I think people care about my experiences and what I have created. I feel I am gifting people with insight when I write. Now, there are numerous times, especially lately, where really I’m writing for my own insight and if the reader gleans any, good on them. But in general, I create lies to show my feelings and to enlighten people on how the world works. I’m a writer.

As I write more, though, publishing more on this blog, telling the world about my trials and tribulations, I’m realizing it’s addicting. I don’t know who you are. Some days there might be four or five of you. Others there are twenty (I have a fairly small readership still. Working on that.). Yet each one of those anonymous nods gets my blood going. I’m not sure if others write for these reasons, for the attention, yet a small part of anonymity. For me there’s a lot of anonymity. Need to keep growing that following.

I write for immortality. I’m not ashamed of this. There was a Shakespeare quote I read, but I can’t remember which poem, where he says as long as people can read English, he will never die. While I had been writing long before that, something in what Shakespeare said (I think I was a sophomore in college) really ignited in me. When I was younger, women were a key reason, and women are still a bonus. Sometimes. I seem a little down on my luck in that area. Either way, writers have a bit of ego, no matter how it manifests. We think our experiences are worth sharing. We want people to read what we write. We desire the praise (and scorn the criticism).

With age it would seem we become more the wise men. Writers have experienced numerous things and are trying their best to share it with the ignorant youth before the same mistakes are made. Let’s be honest, though, those youths will make those exact same mistakes, thinking the entire time, “I’ll do it differently. I’ll do it better.” Just like we did. What little pukes we were.

Anyway, I was just reflecting on my habits. My really bad habits of  checking my stats just about around the hour at work. Just about every half an hour while home. Continuously pondering how I can reach more people. Hopefully my current story will reach a great many people and it’ll be as good as people so far have said. Though it would be nice to get some constructive criticism.

Edit: Over 300 views in less than a month and over 30 views (17 visitors) today. Feeding the beast! Thanks guys.

5 Comments on “A Writer’s Ego

      • Sorry, was not my intent at all! It can happen quicker than you think, though.

      • Haha I’m messing around. Cool though that you have that to share with them. It’s a noble thing to inspire creativity in the youth.

      • Haha I’m messing around. Cool though that you have that to share with them. It’s a noble thing to inspire creativity in the youth.

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