Throwing Dice and Nuts


Rico strutted down the walkway, his cigarette barely between his slightly open lips. His jacket was off his shoulders, revealing the golden chains and beater under. His pants were just above his knees, his white boxers showing. There was a game every Saturday at the park downtown. Squeeks was the man to talk to about getting in, and Squeeks loved when Rico joined in.

The crowd was substantial, people shouting and cursing, throwing cash and clothes around. There was nothing Squeeks wouldn’t gamble for. A story long ago told of a man dating a playboy bunny. The guy was so certain of winning, he gambled her to Squeeks for a night. After losing, she never went back to the man. The story goes that she staid with Squeeks for a week. Then she was shuffled away as a boring play thing no longer required. Squeeks was cold.

Wearing a visor, standing on his hind legs, Squeeks, the brown squirrel, chittered, wagering and throwing money around. Jackson handled the cash for the little guy and Tommy played body guard, wielding a baseball bat menacingly. Some kid tried to rip off Squeeks, thought himself clever. That was until Squeeks clawed at the kid’s eyes and Tommy busted his knee caps. No one’s seen him since, and some say he hasn’t seen since.

“Yo, puttin’ down two k.” There was cheering and cat calls. “I’ll challenge the damned rodent.”

Jackson nodded, holding out his hand for the cash. Rico handed over what he owned, and the financial handler counted it, “Looks legit. Roll kid.” The dice were handed over. It was high low. Squeeks already had his two gems in hand. The dice were thrown, rattling about. Seven. Squeeks had one still rolling, though he had a three already down. The odds were up in the air as Rico held his breath, only to release it violently when a six came up. Jackson pocketed the money, “Squeeks says thanks for doing business with us, please do come again.”

“Ain’t done. Husslers. Take my two g’s and then think I’m finished? My chains for what I lost.” He took off all the jewelry weighing around his neck, suddenly feeling lighter. Handing it over to Jackson, he tossed the dice again. A four and five, but Squeeks had his number with a six and five. “You kiddin’ me? Bro, what’s this? This squirrel is nuts. Fine, jacket and shirt.”

“Squeeks says that’s not a fair trade. We’ll give you five hundred.”

“Whatever. Need to win this back. Let’s go.”

“Squeeks says there seems to be an issue with your dice. Would you like to exchange?”

Rico nodded, “Can’t hurt. Yeah, I’ll do that.” He was given a new set, tossed, and rolled snake eyes. Cursing, Rico jumped up and down, finally throwing his jacket at Jackson and storming off.

Smug, Jackson shook his head, “Kids these days. They just don’t read signs anymore. Damned squirrel cheats at dice.”

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