Being My Own Publicist….

Sucks. That’s the end of that sentence. It wasn’t me just noting that I am my own publicist, it’s a harsh reality. It’s truth. It’s honesty. I am self-published, this is what I get to go through.

I’m doing okay on WordPress. I’m growing quickly, people seem interested, and most of my posts aren’t apparently drivel. Give it time. I get a lot of hits through Facebook, but it’s an unreliable thing and my growth potential is truly limited. Family and friends are finite. WordPress is growing quickly, but at some point there are only so many people I can reach through tags like “Fantasy,” “Sci Fi,” or “Self-published.” These wells dry up and honestly I can only reach them so quickly. Another strategy is to comment on people’s blogs who already have a small army at their disposal and hope for the best. I’ve had some luck with this, I’ve been chatty with some of the people (big and small), and I get a hit or two a day from these advances. I’m awed by these people with 1,000 to 3,000 followers. It blows my mind away.

This brings me into the other social medias, some which terrify me and others I simply loathe.


Ever play GTA V: The Ballad of Gay Tony? When the original GTA V came out, Twitter wasn’t a big deal. Internet was, so they had the cafes, but Twitter was a small time media outlet people thought would die out and no one had heard of. By the time Gay Tony came out (get it?), Twitter was huge. They had “Tweeting,” but that’s not what they called it. What they called it sounds very familiar, and I refuse to say the word. It’s just grossly inappropriate I feel, unless I were using it to make a character believable. I already know I’m real. However, at a point, when someone is dying, they were tweeting. It’s an obsession. Much like my blogging habits. I feel I need to get off my soap box now. I always hate when I have realizations mid post.

Either way, Twitter scares me. I feel the same way Rockstar does about it. I also don’t know how to use it. I tried once, so I could get posts from Kevin Butler as he advertised some PS3 things. I love that guy. I made an account, then it had me do stuff, I’m not sure what happened, but by the end I didn’t know how to access my Twitter account. I’m a writer, too. What do I have to say in 140 words or less? “Please buy my book and read my blog.” Since I’m using WordPress and Facebook, I’m pretty sure anyone following my tweets already knows I want to eat solely based on book profits (Don’t worry, I’m realistic on this. Five year goal.).


To be clear, though I fear the technology of Twitter, I more so loathe the entity. Tumblr terrifies me. Why? I can’t tell you or Daemon will take my pinky finger. It’s like when you’re a kid and you go up to the shark tank. It tries to eat you and all of a sudden glass scares your pants off. You walk up to a window, and start screaming. Mom asks why, and all you can do is sob, “Don’t let the shark eat me.” I also don’t understand the appeal. Isn’t it just a slightly more educated version of pintrest? I mean, it would be like me trying to launch my career through Deviant Art. I suppose the more gropers I have out there, the better my chance of getting people to look at my book, but at what point am I working too many streets for not enough tricks? I’m really on a roll with these analogies.

Admittedly, after searching “Fantasy” on Tumblr I came to the conclusion this is going to do almost nothing for my audience, yet I really want to join. Men, give it a shot. Not entirely the same definition of fantasy I had in mind when searching. On the other hand, the talent of these artists could be something to look into. I really want to avoid the generic, boring cover. If this thing is on book shelves, I want people to look at the cover, jaw dropping, and pick that book up on the spot. Sell that artist as well as the writer.


I might give Tumblr a shot, more for art recruiting and eye candy. I likely will try to give Deviant Art more of a nod for the same reason. Twitter can go tweet itself. Have any suggestions on how to get a stronger following? I know there are a few exceptionally well followed people who follow me, though I’m sure you follow a lot of people and your reader is blown up with posts. Any suggestions are super welcomed. I hope to be published in 3-4 months, which means the book will be out in about 4-5 months. I know I won’t have a huge following, but more than 100 book sales would be awesome and from the industry I’m currently in, I know people buy from who they know.

2 Comments on “Being My Own Publicist….

  1. I went to a conference and the seasoned writers just kept repeating that to sell your writing, you have to write more and keep promoting and write more. Soooo, write more. Short stories on Wattpad, poetry on deviantArt, contests, etc. I’m overwhelmed, but like you, I think I have practical expectations about the income.

    • What is this…Wattpad? And I don’t do poetry. I suck at it and it just angers me. I end up writing angry poems…about poems. Very cyclical.

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