Battlefield 3: Spec Ops in Paris

The city was in shambles, in large part to me. There were buildings tangos could hide in, and I couldn’t abide that. Easier to hit the enemy when the walls come falling down. I’m an explosives specialist. It’s what I do.

Gun shots rang out in the distance. We only had two more objects to blow before going home. Alpha was in an open courtyard, easy to defend from the bank, a large corporate bank. Bravo was in the bank, a veritable fortress when defended correctly. There were three entry points to the bank: to the west a small staircase, the southwest corner had the public entrance which was about six doors wide, and the south east corner had a small service stairway. That stairway generally had a gunner waiting for any to try coming up. If it was missing a gunner, it was usually full of claymores or other nasty explosives.

“Kess, on me.” My brother, Archangel, and I made our way to that southern service door.

“Want me to blow it?”

“Nah, I don’t want people to know we’re here.” He started to turn the corner to move up the staircase.

“But someone’s always….” He turned the corner, no gun shots. “Never mind. Let’s do this.”

We rushed up the stairs, turning the corner into the bank. There were two guys facing away from us at the bank’s main entrance. I went up behind and put a few rounds in them. Archangel set the charges. He said, “Almost there.”

No one came at us until the alarms started sounding, telling the world Bravo was armed and ready to blow. The rest of the team, we weren’t sure what they were doing, but with the rounds flying in the bank, it should have been very possible to arm Alpha.

Lockers and planters were shot up, bullets zinging through the air. I was hit first, as someone came around our flank. I was able to put enough in him that Arch could finish him. Another hit me straight on, rushing through the entrance. I dropped. Arch pushed harder, the sirens becoming more urgent. It was too late. The objective had been claimed. It was only a question of if we could get out alive, or if our death count would go up by one. We didn’t make it out of the bank alive, but we did make the bank come alive.

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