March Poetry Poker: Crush on me tonight.

I was convinced to do a poetry poker challenge. I don’t recall the last time I did poetry. The idea is you must use so many words which come up. Since I don’t have a set and I’m not sure where to get it, I’m using what Christine used. Great stories on her blogs and great ideas.

Words: Crush, panic, inside, below, tumultuous. Wherever could my head go on this? Wherever could the poem end up?! For anyone who knew me in high school and college, there should be little shock it led to this:

Crush on me tonight, my dear.
Look into my eyes, that I might look into yours.
In your eyes I see
My hope
My desire
My love
Look away from the panic gripping you.
Look away from the stray thoughts restraining you.
Look inside, that you might find how your heart pounds for me.
While you’re below me I shall show you what your heart needs.
I shall show you what you crave.
I shall show you how we should be.
Under the sheets, tumultuous,
Under me, in love,
Under the stars, our souls made known.

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