The Best Moment Award acceptance “speech”


I’ve won a Best Moment Award for my article Confidence: My story is awesome.

I’m to go into an acceptance speech, but as a writer talking scares me. Posting this on YouTube for all to see would be terrifying. I’m also unshaven for quite some time and I’m wearing my pajamas. I’m really trying to get the feel of being a writer down.

I want to thank whoever or whatever got me this award. Was it a friend? Someone randomly surfing WordPress? A cyborg attempting to understand humanity before taking over the world? I’m unsure. But thank you. I wish to thank my parents. If they hadn’t gotten married, done things I’d rather not think of, and raised me the way they had, I wouldn’t be doing any of this writing nonsense. I’d be doing something sensible like selling restaurant equipment. Wait a minute, that is what I’m doing. Drats.

I want to thank the followers of this blog, of my Facebook page, and those who read my stuff as a follower or not. The growth of my little page has been incredible and I’ve loved it. It’s fed my ego, made awards like this possible, and it’s just made life in generally a little kinder. And not tongue in cheek, sincerely, I do wish to thank the person that made Kelst and Ayne possible. Things may have gone sideways, but without her this dream likely never would have happened from her inspiration of my first novel to her support when I was first really pushing into getting published. She knew how I ticked in a way no one else still seems to and how to motivate me when I couldn’t seem to motivate myself. I pushed myself to be a better man because of her, and though it hasn’t all stuck, some of it has and some of it is a work in progress.

This path is terrifying for me. From the sound of it, I’m strange like that. Where everyone else seems very confident and assertive in taking a creative path, to me it’s exposing my soul. I want to, believe me, but it feels like when you get to the top of the roller coaster and you can see down. The clicks stopped, you’re about to free fall. What comes next is heart pounding, heady, uncertain. Especially with writing: there are no tracks to keep you in line. You don’t know when you’re going to fall off the roller coaster. Sometimes you’re not even sure you’re on, but it sure feels like it. This award and being noticed in this way has really made me more confident in a time where sometimes my confidence can wax and wane with the moon. Or the hour.

With that, thank you again, I’m quite happy to have won this award.

I have a few individuals I’d like to nominate:

1) Len. He’s writing for his family so he can share his world selflessly. I feel a bit hedonistic in comparison.

2) Christine for her self improvement and posting it right up on her blog for all to see.

3) Shareenayoub for her enlightening train experience. We only live once, so get on board.

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