Losing the Word and the Press

I had a strange dream last night. I was writing on here and published something. I don’t recall what. It was a simple post, yet meant something to me. I logged on shortly after to catch up on the reader and take a look at my stats. When I did, the post wasn’t there. In fact, none of my posts were visible. I wasn’t logged in either, but watched my account from the outside, seeing a sea of posts, drivel, which I didn’t recognize. I panicked. I’d been hacked and drowned out. It could only spark outrage. I guessed at the parties responsible, but there would be no time to investigate. Instead I frantically hoped I could connect it through my email before everything was changed.

I keep coming here and getting asked for my password. It should be saved. I should always be logged on. I know that it’s passed, I know this password should be inviolate, but when you find out what someone had access to through a password, even if you supplied it and simply trusted them enough to not try seeing if it could penetrate every inch of your internet world, it breeds a sort of paranoia that’s hard to lose. Hopefully that feeling of insecurity will go away with time.

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