Poetry Poker 3-22-2013

Today for poetry poker, I’m going with the deck “Venus Likes Mars.” I’m hoping for something entirely wrong out of this deck. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint. Already saw one card is sexy. My hopes are high!

Youtube reading of it right here. Figured I’d try something new. Hope you like it. The actual text is below.

Words: Glow, desire, embrace, against, sweetly. Let’s try making it not smexy (would be too easy).

Mood: (as generated in a random mood generator) Peaceful

The Desired Glow of an Angel

I saw a woman in a field one night,

White dress glowing like the moon above.

Pristine face looking up, basking in the

Glory of Luna’s divinity. No desire

Found in her angelic, fair features,

As she embraced the evening beams,

A bastion against Luna’s lunacy.

Sweetly I approached her, to grab

That which transcended madness.

Yet when I reached out,

When I tried to obtain tranquility,

She smiled and disappeared to dust.


Want a poem written for you? Give me a request by email or in the comments! You can even give me restrictions.

2 Comments on “Poetry Poker 3-22-2013

  1. OOOOh! I’m going to sound like an English teacher here, but great job with the concrete details! Love the images, and I wouldn’t say that out loud in a comment if I didn’t mean it.

    Yeah, you definitely walk a fine line when you deal out of that deck.

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