Insanity: Month 2

I reached it. Really it’s week 6 in the work out and I’m on more like week seven and a half.

I was excited. Yesterday with the fit test I drove myself into the ground, but I did amazing. Today I didn’t feel sore from the work out. To give an idea my fit test is below. (Switch kicks killed me)

Week                              1                2              3

Switch Kick               30             58             114

Power Jacks             20             27             38

Power Knee             38              80              87

Power Jump            9                12              23

Global Jump            0               3                  4

Suicide Jump          0               8                 10

Push up Jacks         0               10              12

Don’t know               0              13               23

I would have done better, but I really pushed on the switch kicks. I did better than the two work out enthusiasts on the show. But after that my hips hurt so badly. By the time I was done, I was curled up on the floor in a pool of my own sweat. I felt incredible. I felt alive.

Then today happened. We have new warm up routines, assuming I’ve been improving enough to get through the entire videos. I was proud as I could last 20 to 30 minutes. I could get through a rep or two of actual work outs, beyond the warm up and stretches. The warm ups don’t feel like warm ups anymore as I went into a work out called Max Polymetric. I think on the polymetric, I know on the max. So I’m amped, and then they start doing the work outs. Bad. I was sweaty, I was in pain, I was aching, and we weren’t to the stretches. I got to the stretches, I could go for about three minutes into them, and then done. I lasted 12 minutes and had to take several short breaks.

It’s killing me, but the fact my belt is about an inch and a half smaller on me, I’ll keep at it. Shoot, two inches. My belt is two inches tighter? It is a little scary because my gut doesn’t look that much smaller, but the fat is so much lighter in it. I can suck it in and look “supple” as an old college roommate said once. And the man boobs are becoming tiny! Not even a handful at this point! If it is a handful, a very sparse handful.

Why do I type up about Insanity as if it’s a promo? Because I’m fat. I was 206. I don’t know what I am now. I stuck with Insanity when I ended up curled up on the floor after five minutes. When I couldn’t do the final four fit test work outs. I used to do five push ups before my arms would be sore for days. I can do ten in an intense workout (not just push ups), and as long as I have rest, I can keep that up for a good while. Even when my muscles hurt, by the next day I feel incredible.

Food wise I’m eating basically protein, vegetables, and fruit. I get carbs in from time to time, and due to the business I’m in I’m usually getting way more carbs than I need in those moments. Now just to figure out sleep.

I am out and about today. I get to meet someone for the first time, and I think it’ll be a good day. Last night I went to an art shindig and it was good times. Not really the crowd I would normally hang with, but worthwhile. Looks like I have a trip in the planning for fall to hit up Dallas and experience a string of awesome with a new friend. Today I will likely not have a Shimmering post done. Sorry guys. Maybe double post on Sunday. It’s looking fairly mellow. It’s been two months as of today, for more than Insanity. My life has changed in ways I never thought possible. I’m becoming a person I never thought I’d be, good and bad. Hopefully I cling to the good while eventually discarding the bad, God willing.

EDIT: And now visiting a friend in Denver likely this summer!

3 Comments on “Insanity: Month 2

  1. Good luck. My job is my workout, but I also jog with my wife when the weather permits. Being active helps spark ideas for writing, I think.

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