If you don’t shoot for the Stars, you’ll never reach the Moon

I’ve decided my path to health. Working out in and of itself became boring and I want to do something with it. There will still be six visits to a gym a week. Insanity is done and over. It’s not that I don’t like it, that it didn’t do incredible things for me mentally and physically, but that I will come back to it later. I need to do strength training currently and it’s just not working that up. I have also gotten stuck at about 20 minutes for my max work out.

With 17 pounds down (I was at 18, but Easter happened), I want to lose about another 26. I also want to do a lot of strength training. More than anything, I have goals in place which I want to accomplish. My working out is just a means now, it’s no longer an end.

I stated I was going to do Tough Mudder. On September 7th at 9am I will be taking off to try and destroy my body (when Yoda says do or do not, I’m really hoping for the do not, but I’m a realist), to see just how improved it is, and to see where I’m at. It’s a benchmark of sorts, to attempt to do something that I would have struggled on the first obstacle, and now I’m going to try doing them all.

Well after I said I was doing Tough Mudder, Taehreh, a talented and attractive poet, asked what I would do next (or implied asking). I have your answer, Taehreh (and I hope you went to yoga). I also do suggest checking out her poems. They’re pretty touching, and a few are pretty funny. Love the hiakus.

Originally I was going to kill a bear with a knife. Upon further reflection, this feels like a super long term goal.

My first goal after Tough Mudder will be mountain climbing. I have a friend who is an avid mountain climber. I trust him with my life, in this case literally, and think it will be a great display of where I’ve come from. This would be in the spring, so I would have about six months to work out and do some smaller training courses. I think this is reasonable.

After further reflection, I decided I may never be ready to kill a bear with a knife, and altered my focus. I want to learn and do parkour in a variety of cities. Some people travel to Paris to see the sights, but how many people travel there to make it their personal playground?

I’ve been told not to get hurt on more than one occasion, and quite honestly I must ask why not? Tough Mudder will destroy me. Mountain climbing, especially at first, will leave me exhausted. There is a chance something horrible will happen and I’ll be left broken (with more time for my writing). Or dead (with more time for sleeping and chilling with God).

As I’ve had pointed out many times, though, why live a life where you’re already dead? I thought I was truly living a life, but let’s be honest, working at a desk in an office, doing sales, going home to play video games, and showing up at church on Sundays isn’t exactly what I’d call living. So lets step it up in every way possible.

This is why I want to do parkour. Also a little for the admiration of people watching as I just look amazing. Need to make a great first impression on a beautiful French woman? Run up a wall, jump across some buildings, pick a flower from a rooftop garden, and land gracefully in front of her, rose in hand, “My love, join me this night.” I need to brush up on my French, but I’m pretty sure that would be a powerful first impression. For good or bad.

My final goal is a date with the lead singer of Paramour. I saw a music video and was inspired. After I’m fit, running around cities around the world with the grace of a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, I’ll casually saunter over to her and say, “Hey, want to get dinner?” After I scale the stage and jump gracefully down, how does she say no?

The reality? I think I can do well on Tough Mudder. I may not finish, but I think I’ll do significantly better than I would have two months ago. At the very least, I will have a better body, I will be meeting a lot of new people, and I’ll better comprehend what it is to trek through mud. I’ve honestly avoided doing anything like this because it’s just so dirty. This is taking me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, and I love it.

The mountain climbing will likely be pretty light at first. I’m not skilled in it, I don’t know what I’m doing, and Wisconsin isn’t really known for its great mountains. But it will be fun, I’ll meet new people, and there may be backpacking included, something I’ve avoided because it just looks gross. I really like being clean.

As for parkour, I probably won’t get there. I’m getting older, this takes a lot of work, but at the very least I’d like to run along the side of a wall in order to jump up a wall I could otherwise not reach. At that point, in my head, I am Ezio and all is right in the world.

Chances are I’ll never have dinner with Hayley Williams (Paramour lead singer) and her magnificent orange hair. For starters, I’d be arrested for scaling the stage. She’s a beautiful rocker and I’m a balding guy who is suddenly taking pleasure in climbing things.

I do have haters (they’re really more concerned for my health and well being). Those friends who say I’m going to get hurt, or worry about me getting hurt, they’re likely right. I’m going to get hurt. I plan on getting hurt. I want to experience and understand physical pain (instead of emotional), something quite honestly I’ve shied from. I want to embrace scars, put my well being in God’s hands, and see where I come out (I understand being prepared and being stupid are two different things). Each experience will teach me and make me grow.

Again I push for you to do the same. Do something ridiculous. Experience something the you today would never do, because you never know who the you tomorrow will be. Tell us your stories of huge change in the comments. I love to invade your personal business and force your nose in my dirty closet. We’re a bunch of sharing people, right?

7 Comments on “If you don’t shoot for the Stars, you’ll never reach the Moon

  1. I can’t even tell you how surprised I was you mentioned me in this post! I had the biggest smile on my face. 🙂 But anyway, mountain climbing and parkour are great answers. I’ve tried parkour a couple times, very tamely mind you, but it was very fun. Have you ever heard of crossfit? Might be something that you’re interested in.. in any case, once again a very inspiring post. I need to start thinking about the kind of changes I want to make.

    and yes, I did go to yoga.

    • I’ve heard of crossfit. I’ve also heard it makes Insanity look like child’s play. The gym I’m joining has it, so I might try it later on.

      I can’t wait to hear about your changes!

  2. I have three kids. While I am inspired by your blog, I don’t really have to plan ahead for each day to bring new experiences :).

    • That does sound exciting! And exhausting. I can handle my nephew for about half an hour before it’s like, “Yeah, I’m tired. Mom and dad, he needs you.”

  3. I know it’s not mountains and parkour, but getting involved in local team sports can be fun. Most cities have softball and soccer leagues. Keeps you active and allows for meeting people.

    • Not a bad idea to get into. Do you do any? I’m not really a huge fan of sports, but I know soccer would definitely keep me worked out. I’ll basically just be another body on the field, though. 😛

      • Yeah, I play as much as I can. Softball is instinctual for me, I understand the game. Harder to find pick up games for soccer though. I enjoy it, and people who play adult team sports are usually very nice. Flag football has gotten violent, but everything else is relatively tame.

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