The “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

Thanks Cheeni for the nomination! Go check out her blog. She loves exotic foods, poetry, and her papa. My time with Cheeni has been short, but definitely memorable, and it’s nice to get such an award. I do hope that my blog does inspire, and the comments I leave are uplifting, or at least entertaining.


Let the games begin!

7 Interesting things about myself

1. I am a Christian (my church). I am not perfect, I’m rather flawed, but I am still striving to reach for God’s love while motivating others to do the same. I’m also very aware I can only fail at this, and pray for His intercession in my salvation.

2. I’m a little addicted to working out and other physical pursuits. As of three months ago this was not me at all. However, as of recently I’m becoming slowly obsessed with health and fitness.

3. I’m becoming a Tough Mudder September 7th. My birthday is on the 5th, so this is in a way a gift to me for the hard work I’ve been putting into working out. How do I celebrate my physical improvements? By driving my body into the ground.

4. I wrote a novel that has now made two people cry. It will be published in about three months.

5. With my work out, my final goal is to kill a bear with a knife. I will then take the hide and make it into a blanket for my nephew and godson. I’m thinking I’ve a few more years before I can do this.

6. My novel is a side story that’s pretty much inconsequential to the history of my world. The world currently spans around 2,000 years, and it’s not halfway done. There are numerous continents and cultures, and so far I’ve really planned out two of the continents, one having two separate cultures, the other having four. Two other continents are in the works, but not cemented. I really hope to have friends and fans actually write up some of the other continents to give variety.

7. Last night I had a dream that a college crush came over and just kissed me. Then we almost slept in the same bed together. She was going to sleep on the couch, and I’m like, hey, I have a big bed, and so I cleaned my room quickly, we were about to go to sleep, and my alarm went off. That’s irony, isn’t it? Falling asleep in a dream wakes you up in real life?

My nominations

1. Len over at the Kraken’s Wake. He has been supportive, constructive, and friendly. On top of that, his world is looking mighty brilliant. Take a saunter over there to see what he has brewed up.

2. Christine over at her blog with a butterfly. Also very supportive of my blog and she writes some amazing fairy tales. Check them out.

3. S. M. Welles (pen name) has a blog on her attempts to make it big in writing! Check it out and buy her new book on Amazon today!

4. Shareen is not only stunning, but brilliant. Her combination of being a mother, a wife, and a destroyer of role playing goods is both inspiring and terrifying to gamers.

5. Blast is writing about her own life experiences and reflecting upon them for the good of all. Read and gain some insight. Powerful stuff.

6. Fifty-two changes is trying to change life one step at a time, with 52 stairs to climb.

7. Rejection Love Letters works his butt of with his novel to get turned down. Instead of taking it, he’s turned it into a blog. Know a good publisher? He could use one.

8. Hasty here is quick to throw out a poem that’s pretty amazing. She writes some good stuff about her own family as well. Worth a glance.

9. Diana writes beautiful pieces on Christ, God, faith, and everything else Christian. Very touching.

10. Cristian is doing all he can to get published. Help him raise some funds, read his books, gain some insight. It’s good stuff.

11. Rambling is dentist approved. Her blogs are on her own struggles in life and how now she’s doing all she can to bounce back. Very powerful.

12. Write my brains out posted something on menage a trois. It’s not what you think. It’s a writing thing.

13. Tracy is excellent in the steampunk realm, along with posting numerous helpful articles on writing and publishing. One of the videos on cover design inspired my own cover.

14. Linda is more than willing to show you about her workings in the writing world, along with sharing her own adventures. Check it out. Pretty neat.

15. Last one! I thought I was going to have to hunt for random sites. Anyway, last one is World Pen. They do a great job at giving little hints on how to write and what to keep in mind. Really brilliant people. I believe one is a professor, so you’d think the intellectual level would be quite high.

Here are the official rules of acceptance:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website.
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

I’m exhausted! I would like to thank everyone whom has inspired me. My parents, my numerous ex girlfriends (really, most my stories revolve around events in my love life), my siblings, my sister-in-laws, my nephew (I can’t wait to get him a matching Green Lantern shirt), the voices in my head, and the abundance of gifts granted to me by God.

12 Comments on “The “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

  1. I can SSSOOO Relate to this,,,Well said mate

    “1. I am a Christian (my church). I am not perfect, I’m rather flawed, but I am still striving to reach for God’s love while motivating others to do the same. I’m also very aware I can only fail at this, and pray for His intercession in my salvation.”

    • Inspiring while being noted I’m inspirational. It’s just what I do 😉 My humility needs to be put in check sometimes. Glad you like it and hope you enjoy poking around a little!

      Seriously, though, original sin is painful, and I’ve just learned in my way to accept it’s there and keep moving despite it. Just keep moving.

  2. Wow! Paul! Um, I’m absolutely stunned right now. When I got the email letting me know that you had nominated my blog as “inspirational” I was shocked because I never presumed that I would be inspiring anyone. But you know…it feels pretty awesome to know that every dot and tittle has reached someone, somewhere. You’ve made my day! I will follow up with the badge posting and citing others blogs I find inspirational too! Many blessings! Muah!


  3. Thank you Paul for nominating me, I am humbled. Thank you brother, and God bless you! I think God made you perfectly, you are fearfully and wonderfully made…

  4. Thank you for the nomination. I am glad that we have been on this journey together. Makes it more enjoyable.

  5. Wow! what a great honor – thanks so much for the nomination, Paul! And thank you for following the journey, I really appreciate it.

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  7. Pingback: 2 For 1: Very Inspiring Blogger Award | Prayers and Promises

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