Breaking Existence

Breaking Existence

It all changed: you, me,
Us. We died. You left.
I just cried. We broke,
But for what? For him?

You killed me. You struck
Me down. I died without
You, then sighed my final
Breath. I’d be remade by Him.

God gave me faith. I gained
Motivation never known.
Thoughts invaded which were
Foreign: pray, eat less.

I was destroyed again. I
worked out. Driven, I crushed
myself, trying to reform the
body, a phoenix from broken heart ashes.

Newly hatched, I’m reborn.
I can’t remember who I was.
I only recall who I am. Without
Her, I’m birthed anew. I’m on fire.

Thoughts pull me away from
What I recall. She dies in my
Head and heart. Were we together?
Was she more than a kid to me?
I forget who she was, I see who she
Is. She was just a character within my soul.

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