I See the Finish Line

It’s right there in front of me. I just got back the edits from my publisher. I have a lot to work in, but I’m hoping in one or two weeks it’s done and then I wait for the 12 weeks until they publish it.

I was told my paragraphs are too long. I ultimately read a lot of classics, where paragraphs are longer. Do I compromise this? Do I shorten the paragraphs for today’s readers, or go with what I like? I was also told I shouldn’t go into as much detail about building things. Chronology is no plot, was the comment. I don’t know, building a house for people about to die from the elements sounds like a great side story. Actually, I do agree with them. I’ll be eliminating some of the more long winded sessions. There were some traditional spelling errors (it’s not entirely wrong, but according to Webster….), I go with passive voice too often (I actually had a professor challenge the class as to why passive is weaker, and I guess his lesson stuck), and compound nouns should be hyphenated. I have to admit my grammar skills are weak enough that it’s hard for me to identify a compound noun. Or was it adjective? I’m thinking adjective. Either way, I’m a lost puppy. I also know I made up a word or two. Add an -ly to anything and the reader will get what you mean. Webster can go sit on a pole. (Like the long paragraph?) To be fair, I apparently have a 356 word paragraph. This entire post as of now is 270 words.

Is that what people want, though? I have to admit, while reading some older works compared to newer ones, while writing my own stories, I realized that there’s a lot of cookie cutter molds out there we same to gravitate towards. Why are we all conformists? And lets be honest, this is just the complaining of a writer with great ideas and poor grammar. I comprehend this.

Anyway, the finish line is truly in sight. There are things I can do again to get ready. Tonight I’ll be working on my laptop to edit with anime on in the background. Here we go.

4 Comments on “I See the Finish Line

      • Lord, bless every step of Paul’s journey. Show him Your goodness in the land of the living. Let Your grace and favor overtake him everywhere he goes. Bless his going out and coming in; bless the work of his hands, in Jesus Name!

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