A Poem of Desires

First, make sure to check out Legends Undying! Why? Because here is my post for today. I think it’s getting good.

Next, to a poem. I’m finally taking on the challenge…that expired last month. Here we go! I did use the obvious deck for love (or lust, but who is taking stock?).

Theme: Love #2

Cards: Desire, red, intensely, embrace, captive

At the Heart of Love

Draining her slowly
I lap love leisurely.
My desire is subsumed
In this grotesque imagery.

Her body is limp in my
Arms, the red flowing
As a fount of youth.
Intensely, I indulge.

She loved me, and I
Her, though as we
Embrace, it is her
Blood I adore alone.

I suckle upon the
Final ounces of lust
Until my captive Loses her color
And her grip on my unbeating heart.

Want a poem written for you? Send me a request! You can throw in themes, words, restrictions, etc. paul.r.davis1983@gmail.com

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