(Healthy) Man Meals

The final day teaching in Kentucky, my friend and I prepared to depart from the fascinating experience gained. In so doing, we had to finish clearing the fridge, and part of that clearing was a block of cheese. It wasn’t a full block, I think only a quarter was left, but I claimed it and had it in the car. Looking at it, I thought what ever would I do with such a block of cheese?

Eat it. I peeled back the wrapping and starting munching down on this block of cheese. In this moment I had an epiphany: why don’t we eat like men more often? A hunk of meat in hand, a tankard of mead, and a piece of bread the size of my head that I’m not required to cut.

Well the lesson didn’t stick, and after 11 hours of driving home the cheese had been long forgotten. However, now that I’m eating healthy this thought has appeared to me once more. Generally my meals had consisted of something easy to cook, but most of those meals are by no means healthy. Turning to healthy alternatives while not being a tremendously talented cook, my mind turned to that block of cheese.

Now I’m not going to rip open a hunk of cheese, but the concept is more so simplicity. Ultimately any healthy meal is made of three items: carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables. I know this isn’t exactly it, but for my simple understanding of a healthy diet, this is where I’m at.

For me, I want to just have three ingredients, since I already know what they are, and here are a few ways I’ve made sure to get these important foods into my diet.

With carbs, I’ve been really hitting brown rice, brown rice noodles, and other whole wheat forms. I’ve heard this helps with the fat in my stomach, which genetically I can use all the help I can get. So my first ingredient for any meal is some sort of whole grain, usually as noodles or rice.

For protein I have my (4-8oz) hunk of meat. In all fairness I generally chop it up and throw it in the carbs. The other day I did come home, take out a sausage, and just start eating it. The issue with sausage is the generally high sodium content.

Finally the vegetable. As a snack I like to just take a big carrot. Go to the store, find the raw, full sized carrots, chop off the green, peel the dirt off, and you’re set. Throw them in your car. Then when someone says, “Want a carrot stick?” and they pull out this tiny, well-cut carrot, you can pull out a carrot so large it could be considered an assault weapon, and reply with, “No thanks, doc. I prefer real carrots.” You’ll feel great, and they likely won’t talk to you again.

In all reality, I’m currently using frozen vegetables for the price. Eventually I want to do more with fresh, especially mushrooms (I know, not a vegetable, but still so good). I cook those up and throw them in with the carbs and meat. Put on a low heat, stir a while to make sure it’s warm, and serve it up. If you want a little variety, I will sometimes add spices at the final stage and stir them in.

This is my man meal. It’s simple, I know what I’m getting, and it keeps me healthy. I usually also have a banana for the potassium, but there are other areas to get it with vegetables.

I also have two new goals as of this morning. With my realization that I’m becoming athletic, this list keeps increasing.

1) I want to do the handstand push ups. I would need a wall for support, but I want to at least do like three or four of these.

2) I want slightly defined abs. Not like take me to the river and clean your clothes on them abs, but mildly defined abs. I realized this when I woke up and touched my abs under what is left of my flab, and realized I want to wake up, touch my abs, and think, “It would seem I went to sleep with someone epic last night. Oh wait, I get to sleep with me every night.” This is a flourished exaggeration of the truth, but sometimes Barney Stinson influences me.

2 Comments on “(Healthy) Man Meals

  1. I read this, then grabbed a bag of Cheetos and jumped on the tramp. Those Cheetos were good!

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