The Scars of Righteous Kwan

JukePop has finally accepted my story. It’s an amazing one, I didn’t fret that, but it’s been two months. I have to admit I’ll have to reread what I wrote to remember where I’m at. I plan on updating regularly, so please stay tuned for more writing there. From the sound of it, Ariden and Laurin should end up on there.

Anyway, here is the synopsis. I really do encourage you to go there, check out what they have, maybe even submit your own serials.


Kwan stands in the Holy City of Lin Tao, naked, looking at his scars. Each scar holds a memory, a reminder as to why Kwan is preparing for the destruction of Lin Tao.

And for the main feature, here is The Scars of Righteous Kwan. Please make sure to sign up, vote for me, and leave comments. You can influence the flow of the story.

4 Comments on “The Scars of Righteous Kwan

  1. Congrats on the acceptance!

    Once my internet quota refreshes for the month, there is much of your work to catch up on =)

    • I know what you mean! I have a lot of great people I’m following but only so much time to read their writings.

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