Award Based Society

Psalm 49:17 – For when he dies he will carry nothing away; his glory will not go down after him.

I’m in a program at my gym called Biggest Loser. The idea is to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks. I’ve done 20 in that time, this should be a cake walk. Ultimately, though, I’m doing this for the nutritional advice. That’s it. I don’t care if I win. I’m slimmer than I was, I’m not going to lose as much weight as quickly, I’m not expecting to win, I’m just expecting to learn to live in a healthier manner than I am.

So one program we use for food journals is SparkPeople. You keep track of working out, food intake, and water intake. I don’t put on the work out because we don’t need to for the program, and it’s not my focus. However, I noticed something while I was messing around with the program: I am a level 2. I have trophies I can look at. I am a winner.

You get points for drinking water, keeping track of your meals, reading articles, and other activities. Each day you can gain a max number of points. Why? This trophy isn’t helping me at all. It’s just trying to boost my ego in a shallow way. This angers me, to be honest. It makes me feel like a cheap floozy that can be paid to get healthy through meaningless accolades. I feel a little dirty.

But how often do we do this in life? How often do we try for that trophy for the sake of the trophy? I watch my brother go back to PS3 games solely to get the trophies. I watched students refuse to do an activity, or at least refuse to put any sign of effort into it, because it was for fun or self improvement. We’ve all seen and been the person too busy to help others because there is no reward in it for us, whether a pat on the back or more physical pay offs.

I feel this is sad. The Bible says numerous times that when we search for glory among men, that is where our recognition will end. When we search for glory for God, we are rewarded in heaven, after we have died. We are to want to increase the size of His kingdom, instead of increasing our own fame.

Keep an eye on the prize of heaven. Don’t focus so heavily on the rewards here. The A might sound good, but in ten years it won’t matter. The promotion may seem highly rewarding, but when you pass, the money doesn’t come with. I’m not saying not to strive for these things, but strive first for God.

One Comment on “Award Based Society

  1. I have similar feelings about blogging awards. 🙂

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