Why Wear Workout Clothes

The other week, while in Chicago with a friend from California, I went into the Nike store. While there I saw running socks. This led to me wondering if I wanted athletic socks.

For the past four and a half months I’ve started becoming a health enthusiast. I had been working out six days a week. It was pruned back due to work, but work is slowing down and that six days a week should become the normal once more. While working out I bought more work out pants, a few tops instead of just regular shirts, running shoes, and I dismissed the athletic socks. I thought I can use any socks for this, and that’s what most people told me.

I decided last week to get workout socks. I don’t think they’re anything truly special, aside from looking neat with the bright colors. I didn’t buy them for any enhanced performance. I didn’t buy them because they are truly special. I bought them for the mindset they imbue.

When I started wearing athletic shirts instead of my regular shirts, I felt like I belonged. Mentally I was more prepared for what I was going to do. No longer did it look like I was preparing for a Saturday in which showering was optional. I looked like I went to the gym to get work done. This is why I bought the socks. When I put those socks on, I’m telling my mind and body that we are going to sweat, pump iron, and burn calories. I’m telling my body that I’m serious about this path, and it should be too. It’s given me a boost, and I am back to feeling invincible after workouts, as well as feeling I need to do them. For a while I shirked my healthy desires, but they’re back.

I also started a drawer for only athletic wear. Whenever I’m preparing my gym bag, I go in there and pick out what I need. I can easily see if it’s laundry day or not. I know when I reach into that drawer, I’m dressing for the occasion: to better my body.

If you’re really looking to get into a fitness routine, I really suggest slowly picking up some extra clothes that you only use for workouts, wherever they happen to be. Only use your workout socks and shirts for the gym. Don’t wear your track pants around the house in the morning while you watch TV, unless you’re doing Insanity or some other program. You’re dressing up when you put your workout clothes on, and make sure your body knows it’s a special occasion.

When you do shop, if you’re overweight like me, buy tighter clothes. I’m still likely a large, but I’m borderline medium. I buy only medium. It shows my gut. It’s a little uncomfortable still. But in time they’ll loosen up and I’ll know what I’ve done. I will have a very real indicator to my fitness.

So dress to impress! Treat yourself to some sexy athletic wear (if it’s not sexy now, it will be in the future). Go to the gym in your workout equivalent of formal dress wear and pump some iron.

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