So last night I messed up my knees. Hoping to get into the doctor Monday to see if it’s really bad or it’s just I can’t push myself so hard bad. I also was told a few not so complimentary things. I need to get published is what I realized and I’m looking forward to this weekend getaway to the great northern woods of Wisconsin, where hopefully I’ll get a lot of editing done, along with writing a short story or two.

However, I did err in my emotional weakness. I put someone down. I was hurt, admittedly, but not to the extent I shot it back. So thought about writing this last night and was just too tired.

Proud of You

I am proud of you,
How your heart blazes
And your voice lifts
For Him once again.

I am proud of you,
When you graduated.
How you look for work
That makes you happy.

I am proud of you,
The woman you’re
Becoming, strong
And Independent.

I am Proud of You.

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