Writing Fantasy: Starting Point

After reading over some books that are to help one write fantasy, I started realizing I don’t really need them. A writing degree, experience as an English teacher, a lot of research, and an incredible passion has led me to know quite a bit about how to write. Are there a few genius glimmers here and there that still catch me off guard? Of course. We can always learn more. But most of that I learn while reading the work of others, or researching their work as it should be called. With that, I decided why not write some advice for free?

In the beginning there was an idea, and it was good. If it wasn’t good, you threw it out, right? Don’t leave your misshapen creations laying all about, it makes it difficult to walk around the living room. So you have a good idea, or at least a great piece of clay you can figure something out with. This is the starting point.

How do you know it’s good, you ask? This is really a simple test. Have you seen the story before with different names? Is it about a dominating man stealing the innocence of a young girl by teaching her about fisting, and they continue to do this for three more books? Not that I have any ire towards a very particular book series. Expand that to vampires and mortals in abusive relationships as well.

If you said no to these things, you’re off to a great start. Any plot hole can be filled in time. If you find there are too many characters or too few you can condense or expand as you go. Didn’t fully think out a setting? That’s fine, you can create it later. All you need at this point, where you realize it’s time to write, is a great idea and the grit to write it. When you have those two things, you’ll be able to conquer the world. Or at the very least start assembling your army.

I know this sound simple, but I’m sure there are many out there, reading, who have completed this step. For whatever reason, they just aren’t willing to complete it. I challenge you to keep moving forward. Find it in yourself to explode out on the page with all your might, and with some dedication and wisdom, you’ll do great literary things.

Next time on Writing Fantasy: Research. That’s right kids, it’s summer school time.

2 Comments on “Writing Fantasy: Starting Point

  1. The best advice I ever took away from a writing book was ‘show up’. I did and didn’t read any more of those advice books. Show up.

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