Bacon-Wrapped Heart

Someone’s in a poetry mood….

On the platter you will see
A heart still beating that’s from me.
The blood still flows and pools inside
the silver tray, towards you aligned.

Just as you like, I cooked it up
With garlic, herbs, and yums to sup
Upon. So eat eagerly my love,
But into your mouth do not shove.

You see, this dish is quite delish,
And savored it should be or an itch
Will be left for the longing of one last bite.
Now let me continue to describe this sight.

Around this heart, I’ve wrapped bacon,
A trap for your tongue. So if you’re taken
With the sight, smell, and taste, enjoy
the meal forever and never it destroy.

One Comment on “Bacon-Wrapped Heart

  1. Fantastic! I want to press like but it is refusing to load – it sometimes does this but then loads after I put in a comment, but sometimes it doesn’t even after that, so if it doesn’t please take this as a like! 🙂

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