Lawsuit Happy World

Tomorrow I am going to a major account in my area to show them how to use some of our equipment. I go out there, tell them use their manual, and do a few simple demonstrations. They will tape these demonstrations and I will have a disclaimer signed stating if I missed something, it is on them to check with their user manual. People have been sued because they didn’t mention something, an employee got hurt, and that person so willing to tell someone how to use the machine was taken to court. Some of these omissions were the equivalent of not saying on camera the blade you’re using to cut through meat as if it were hot butter is sharp.

What happened to our society? We need to tell people coffee is hot. Knives are sharp. Drinking bleach will kill you. Don’t let your kid swallow Legos. As time goes by, there are more and more warning signs on everything. Will our society reach a point that when a coffee doesn’t say hot, they will assume the contents are cold?

I can’t remember what the event was, unfortunately. There have been a few, and you may claim it’s a lack of common sense. There have been issues where I assumed because there was no warning label, there was no issue with the product. Other products would have a warning, therefore the product in my hands cannot be dangerous. This is obviously fallacious in the extreme. But as children grow up with these warnings, with the knowledge that everything that could harm them is neatly labeled, what will happen when they get older and find that product without the warning label? The kid that thinks because there’s no warning, the slicer might cut a ham with ease, but there’s no way it will slice through my flesh. Perhaps eventually they’ll forget ovens are hot until they touch it. I did that. I was five. Guess what I never did again?

Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure where this rant is heading. I feel as if we need to let our kids experience the world outside of the confines of warning labels. We lower the bar for them over and over again, promoting their stupidity and lack of respect for life. We shelter them so when their brain is developing they only know an idyllic land of peace and prosperity. A world where everything that could hurt you in the least is properly labeled. But when you get older, there aren’t those signs. While we figure kids are smart enough to figure it out, look around you at what some of those children are doing, the way they push the envelope as far as possible without understanding they’re pushing it.

Perhaps it’s always been this way. Perhaps we just push limits in different ways. It was far more entertaining listening to my grandparent’s stories than the stories of kids today. The imagination just isn’t there. I blame a lack of exploration on that.

Ultimately, I’m tired of all the warnings. I’m tired of all the “This isn’t safe.” I don’t need a warning label on my coffee telling me it’s hot. I ordered coffee. No kidding it’s hot. That’s it. All I have. Have a great day.

One Comment on “Lawsuit Happy World

  1. I think it’s half a lawsuit issue (because people are greedy and always looking for a way to take the money of others who have worked for it) and half the fact that there are so many unthinking humans out there.
    And yes, I do believe it will get to the point where there are warning labels on everything – production of ‘things’ will become profitless otherwise.

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