Popcorn Machine

Based on a demo I witnessed yesterday. If the popcorn demo hadn’t been three to four times longer than any other demo we witnessed, this would have never happened. This is what writers do when their mind wanders.

Who knew the desire kindled by the popcorn machine?
The sleek look of a buffed kettle,
Oil pouring in, lubrication promising future pleasures.
With the flip of a switch, the heat swells.
We wait to hear the buzzer
Telling us it’s ready to take what we have to give.

As we put the kernels in, we hear of gears.
They couple, they mate, they definitely gyrate,
To spin the excitable seed within.
It’s lathered, agitated, and ignited,
These morsels of oral pleasure.
The tension continues as we watch,
Waiting for its climax.


The seed explodes, delicious, salty, and white,
A welcome invader of our mouths, as we eagerly gobble it down.

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