Wings of Dark and Light

There you are, huddled in the corner
Waiting for the angels to come.
Which will you choose, him or me,
And which of us shall lose?

Once you wrapped others in the light,
But you allowed yourself to take on the shroud
Of darkness. To cloak yourself in glorious
Dissonance. For what do the light and dark have in common?

You dimmed, wrapped in the soul’s cacophony.
While your light was cloaked in black, I returned.
I was light before, but now I was ablaze
And I burned the shadow away.

An inferno ignited in you, yet you
Did not throw off the yoke that dimmed you.
You asked me to stay, to not let you flicker again.
Yet I told you how to keep your flame alive and you shrugged.

I wait and watch. I pray you lessen your burden,
You lighten your yoke as He would ask you.
But one cannot choose for you. Only you may decide:
Light or Dark. One may not serve two masters.

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