A day of reality vs a writer’s heart

Today was a bizarre day, one which was surreal. I started making the video game my friend and I planned out, as well as a side project as simple practice for the real thing. It was exciting, time consuming, frustrating, and fulfilling. There’s something about creating.

I went to see Now You See Me and it was amazing. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long while. The movie really shows how much we either want to believe or not want to believe in magic. The entire time, I was looking for any glimmer of hope that there was real magic instead of explainable gimmicks. While one of the movie goers chastised me for my romantic view, criticizing me for the possibility of there being something more than reality. There were two characters, one who desperately wanted to believe in the unknown and a cynic who thought it was all something which could be revealed. I really think the movie was meant to show which character you were, and for all intents and purposes, I’m a hot French Interpol agent. So suck it, cynics. I also fell in love (again) with Melanie Laurent. She plays the beautiful French agent. On top of that, she was apparently the attractive owner of the theatre in Inglorious Bastards. She’s just an absolutely beautiful woman. I now want to go to France to meet a lovely French woman to settle down with in the countryside, looking over our wonderful vineyard. Title warned you, it was a day of reality against my imagination.

However, while at the movie theater, ordering food, I was served by a cashier I had been served by previously, and I had realized one of my most powerful attributes: I leave impressions when I want to. She was attractive, had a little red in her hair the first time I saw her, and I spoke harmlessly with her, thanked her greatly for her service, and commented on the hair. She hated it, but I told her it was unique, it wasn’t the same red everyone else was doing and it was a good look. Now, the red was gone, but as she was serving me, she kept smiling and looking me in the eyes. I am not a good looking man. But I am a charismatic, caring, and charming man. It made me feel good. Unfortunately today I was exhausted and did not have the pep I did that first day, though I did still smile.

Leaving the theater, I was in a great mood. How couldn’t I be? There was a fabulous movie, my mind had such amazing ideas for writing, and the day was still young. My plan was to go home, get some food, take it to my parent’s place (I’m house sitting), and cook it up. Following dinner, I would drink some of their wine while in the hot tub. Swimsuit optional. If my mom is reading this, I went in with a swimsuit.

I stopped at the apartment to get my goodies, and low and behold we had a new neighbor upstairs. The old neighbor, the Italian stallion, had left two or so weeks ago. Upstairs there was an attractive mother, smoking a cigarette, her small child on the porch next to her, and I thought, “This is a novel.” I said high, asked how she was, talked to her more than most my neighbors. I could do real good for her, right? Her husband then came onto the patio and I commented it was nice to meet my neighbors as I threw frozen pork and clean underwear into my car and drove off. This is why writers exist: reality rarely comes close to the incredible things we have devised in our minds. In truth, nothing would have happened with this woman, whether or not she had a boyfriend/husband/etc. But in my head, there was an amazing story that was dashed upon the rocks of reality within the first ten seconds of me meeting her.

Now I await the pork thawing to throw it in the oven for an hour. After that, cut the pig up and eat it! I have some veggies, too, so I can pretend to be healthy. Then popping out some of the wine and going to the hot tub. Sure there were disappointing parts, but a writer’s imagination is always satiated when it ends with wine in a hot tub. Possibly naked.

Keep the reality alive with your imagination!

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