Everything Changes

Tears stream down my cheeks.
What could I have said?
What could I have changed?

Now there’s someone with
All the flaws you left me for,
Some flaws you said you’d never tolerate,
And I’m left here waiting, praying, hoping,

If it were just me and you, who knows
What we could do? But it would be
Amazing. If I could just turn back time.

But I made my errors. I repented.
You step into yours, warnings in front of you.
And all I can do, when I lay in bed,
Is think, truthfully, what would you have really said
If you told me how you feel?

As you just walk away, is there really anything
I could say anyway? Or will you just keep walking
Knowing the way I feel, knowing you hold my heart,
Knowing I’ll follow and wait for you.

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