I sit here now, in naked splendor,
Cooling from blush wine in a liberated hot tub,
Pondering the sins, imagined and real, of past transgressions.

Perhaps I’ve misread what you said, and you didn’t mean
That it is me you can’t trust, you see, for to me this
Would not make sense.

I sacrificed dating, I gave up on love, I flirted less
To please you, not above. I put up with stress of
Woman already committed, but it is I whom cannot be trusted?

Look upon me as land, as a mine, full of gold and silver,
And all you need do is denounce your current claim,
Upon me your hands shall lay, and I am yours forever, to plunder at your pleasure.

But no, it is not me in a relationship. It is not me saying
“I love you” to another. I am without shackles, and gladly
I shall flirt with whom I like, for the world is full of beautiful faces.

With that, I bid the world ado, as I wander bout yard and house in the nude!
Drink in hand, laugh in motion, emotionally I shall find no demotion,
For with all I had I loved you, and with reservations you almost loved back.
Trust me, for I have given nothing to not trust. You cut my leash, you cut me free.
Do not blame me.

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