Challenge Your Writing

I want to start by saying I always have something to write. Sometimes I have too many things to write. Every once and a while, I just want someone from the audience to tell me what to write, whether they give a starting point or they give me more. Some of my most interesting stories have come from this.

Currently I’ve been challenged to write science fiction simply because my lovely sister-in-law has never seen me write this genre. I’ve been on the hedge about a particular story which takes place in my world that I want to write. It would be introducing two major personas in my most ambitious novel idea, characters which didn’t exist when the novel was first spawned in my brain. The story is fairly understated for sci fi, but it’s really a sort of theme I’m aiming for. There is an elite soldier squad fighting for an island that has abundant resources, but is ultimately a third world country. The European style nation is fighting with the Asian style country for dominance.

Themes will consist of the morality to follow orders along with the respect due soldiers. I would like to put something out there that makes them out to be heroes who work hard at their job, a job far more dangerous and demanding than what most of us here don’t have to deal with and honestly can’t comprehend. I had a friend telling me about his war stories, and while I did my best to imagine what he was telling me, it’s difficult to comprehend every time you drive over a heap of debris there’s a chance it’ll explode and kill or maim you. Hopefully I can do enough to show this feeling.

This will be for July’s camp Nanowrimo, even though I’m a little behind. I am looking to a 20-30k word count, which would be in line with when I’m starting and with the actual length of this story. Afterwards, I want to edit it for publication in a magazine or something similar. If nothing turns up, JukePop it is!

I’ve had several short stories come from this, though, and some are considered pretty amazing. I had one that started with a mind controlling witch with a butterfly tattoo. It didn’t stay entirely true, but it turned into a beautiful 10k word short story I’m currently editing one more time then submitting to some magazines. Unfortunately 10k is too long for a lot of the competitions I’ve been finding.

You never know what will come of asking your audience for some details of a story. Perhaps the story will look beautiful. Perhaps you’ll find out that writing about an octopus’s journey through the ocean floor just isn’t your forte. But either way, you’ve tried something new and you’ve grown in your creativity, imagination, view point, and abilities. Either way, keep writing. Keep doing your literary work outs.

Let me know a strange idea you turned into something worthwhile, or something absolutely horrid! If it’s up on your blog, link it in the comments so people can see! Otherwise, have a beautiful day and write on! (Way too many exclamation points. I’ve had a lot of coffee today.)

4 Comments on “Challenge Your Writing

  1. Coffee has the same effect on me! haha!
    I once wrote a Nano project (and yes, I won) about a woman who was stuck alone in an elevator for a long weekend. One day I plan to brush off and polish it and get it published. πŸ™‚

      • I’m sure you’ll get there. πŸ™‚ I’ve done Nano three times, completed twice… the last one is the novel I’m still working on from 2011.

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