Book Endings

I’m reading a good book I picked up on a hunch while in an airport. While I said I was going to finish two books I already had, this came to my attention and boy did it grip that attention.

The Boneshaker is a steampunk, zombie, Civil War book about two fairly simple characters. There is a mother and child trying to discover their past, themselves, and each other. By discover each other, I literally mean they need to find each other because they’re lost in a very small, zombie-filled hell-on-earth. It takes place in Seattle, so though the (historically inaccurate) Civil War is being waged, it’s far away, a rumor that only leaves small hints here and there in the form of retired or deserting soldiers. Even in this small region there is a conflict outside of the zombie infestation brewing. But you see it all through the lens of two characters who aren’t really involved. I love it. Check the book out, the author is brilliant (if a little long winded at times), and it seems she has a cool concept for the series. I read the synopsis for the future books, and it’s accounts of different characters showing up in The Boneshaker. Here is Cherie Priest’s blog.

Here is the issue with the book. I’m on page 370 of 410 (estimating). I could finish this in an hour. However, I’ve hit a wall. There is something about the end of the book where I am jittery, I want to bolt, and my insides feel like they’re literally crawling around. It’s the strangest feeling. It’s not her. It’s me. I know it is. I had this happen with the Ramayana (though the denouement of the story is 100 pages). It happened with Game of Thrones, though to a much lesser extent because despite the story which was wrapped up, a new one was just getting into stride. Every book I have ever read, when I get to those final pages, when the paper in my right hand is thin and dying out, I become fidgety. I have no reason or excuse for it. I do not know why. For any book, the final pages are a chore, and I hate it. It’s not that I’m not enjoying them: I assure you if I hadn’t enjoyed page 100, I would not proceed to page 400. Usually by 30-50 I have a pretty good idea if what I’m reading is something I want to finish. But those final pages are painful to me.

Does anyone else have this? Do you get a horrid sense of wanderlust when at the final stages? Will you read to the end even if you hated it?

Either way, really check out the book and the series, along with the author. She’s brilliant, her books are fun, and she’s kind of cute.

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