What was the point of that!? Cutting the Fluff

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Broken Mirrors

We all have read the passage that afterwards we’re left scratching our heads going, “Why do I care?” It didn’t tell us anything new about the character. It didn’t give us new insight into the plot. Nothing we didn’t already realize was revealed about the setting. Ultimately the entire point of the scene was to give a few thousand more words to the word count. Maybe it’s only two or three paragraphs of fluff that did nothing for us. What is the point of these writing moments?

There isn’t one. It is meaningless fluff that is just to make a book longer and it should be cut down alike a character overstaying their welcome. I would use examples, but I would feel horribly guilty of pointing a finger at an author I truly think is talented and you all have your personal favorites anyway.

I urge you to make sure…

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