My Wisdom Jumped Ship

My wisdom teeth are gone. At 7am I woke up and got ready. By 8:05am I was at the oral surgeon. By 8:10am I was on my phone as to why in the world my bank decided I no longer wanted to have it so my checking account could dip into my savings account, to which they said I never said it could, to which I informed them for around a year and a half it did just that. My mom drove me to the place and was willing to pay for the surgery however, and this is an issue I need to work through with my local branch, though I’m re-enlisted in the program now. Fortunately I was owed some money, so this is the last of what she owes me.

By 8:30am I was sitting in a room with an attractive woman (married), who was very friendly. She put things on me to check my vitals for several minutes. Without a clock, I was at a loss, but I did enjoy playing with the machine monitoring my vitals. If I breathed shallowly, it would start to lose my pulse. It naturally comes in upper 60s to lower 70s. If I started hyperventilating it shot through the roof. If you shove me in a room and let me to my own devices for long enough, everything is my toy.

Another woman came in and they put nitric oxide and O2 through a pipe to my nose. I was confused as to why my O2 % was still 98%, as I figured they were giving me more in order to let me reach euphoric stages. This was a lie. Anyway, the two ladies were nice. I told them I was getting published. I told them I get feisty when I get out of anesthetics. We had a good time before they stuck me with the IV. I cringed, bracing myself, but with the tingling of the nitric, there was nothing for me to fear. A minute late it was 10:30am, I was in a waiting room the size of a closet with the cute dental assistant, and they looked very amused. I’m not sure what I all did, but I was given the highlight. I called my middle brother a stud, I kept playing with the gauze in my mouth, bringing it forward to the tips of my teeth to toy with upon my tongue, and overall I was a rapscallion incapable of good behavior. I am a bad boy.

I don’t remember the car ride. I hardly remember getting home. I was told I laid down headfirst on the couch and mom had to move me. She figured she would have to stay home with me tomorrow instead of go to the wedding. I wasn’t handling this very well. Then it was 1:30pm. I woke up. I was hungry. My mouth was numb and there was gauze in my mouth. I threw it out. The blood was browning, which means it had stopped. I took some painkillers, though I wasn’t feeling anything. It was strange that my teeth were gone. In the car, driving out there, I lovingly caressed each wisdom tooth with my tongue, memorizing the shape and pitfalls, the spikes and dullness of the varying teeth. The cavity on two and the way food so easily got stuck around the other two. They were gone forever. For the better, no doubt, but they weren’t coming back, unless I’m immensely unlucky.

But they are gone, the bleeding has stopped, and barely over 12 hours after the surgery the bleeding stopped, I’m fairly coherent, and I’m only a little drowsy. There is no pain, I can put down shakes, and I’m doing alright. I do have a mouthwash to keep the insides clean which my dad was pushing on me, but I wanted to finish one more shame. No more food after the mouthwash and with how I have to drink, I do not get enough in me to make my stomach shut up. I also found water is too hard to control for me to drink: it keeps getting in the wounds. I also really like sucking on my tongue. I’m pretty certain I’m going to end up with dry sockets, much to my dismay. But that is life, and I am trying to control the sucking and waiting for the unspeakable pain which shows I need to get into the dentist immediately.

All in all, it was an okay experience. I will very likely be at work again Monday, I got in some video games, I got in some writing, I got in some life. Another highly interesting experience, and something I can mark off my list of the ten things I planned on doing this month.

I also gained new pillow cases and pillows! It’s harder shopping for those things than I thought. I did not do the hiking, as CT was horrible weather wise, and I haven’t tried here. I will also likely not hit 180 lbs. CT was horrible for that too. And will maybe finish reading one of the two books planned for this month, but I did read a book I had no intention of reading this month. I’m going to fail some of these. I wish I would have staid more true to it, but I didn’t. There’s always next month.

4 Comments on “My Wisdom Jumped Ship

    • They so do and thanks! I’ve been living very much so in man conditions, and want to start living in conditions conducive to having a wife. So new bedding that gets washed regularly! 😛

    • Recovery is going super speedy, but sometimes I get cocky. Can already do pretty well on minimal pain meds, drinking shakes, and have been able to write. But if I talk too much or get too aggressive on the shakes, I can start to taste blood. All’s well!

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