Prime Writing Time

I was once told that writers have a moment of time where they write the best. When I heard this, during my college years, I decided to find my best time to write. Now, as with any good writer, this fluctuates. I can write at 8am. I simply dislike doing so. Early morning was anathema to me, sunlight to my vampiric tendencies. These tendencies led me to a realization I’m utilizing even now, with my wisdom teeth strangely removed.

Night time was my best writing period. I knew this long ago, as something about the sun going down really helped me think and concentrate. As long as I wasn’t too tired, my diction was better, I had great syntax, everything was simply better. The hours which really saw me shoot through the stars was 10pm to 4am. There was a long weekend (every weekend’s long when you skip a few classes), and I tried these times out. During this time I went into a trance and wrote like nothing on this planet mattered. It was as if for a few hours I was possessed by my writing spirit, that my soul of poetry and pros took off into the heavens and I was sublime. At 4am, I’m not sure if that’s truly my stopping point, but exhausted I had to retire to bed.

With my teeth taken out, my time schedule is strange again. I feel I have more energy, aside from the hunger. I just don’t mind staying up much later than i had, and I’m not sleeping in that much longer. I have gotten in quite a bit of writing, though all background information. I have to say the one thing I really like about planning to write about one world numerous times is you can give a very detailed history and it won’t be for one shot. That history will see use over and over again. I’m thinking of doing a kickstarter campaign and if you pitch in enough you get not only a hardcover copy, but a bound version of the history of the world and how it works (with a few censored portions so you don’t know too much about the future of things). But I’m also an incredible geek who loves fictional histories. If GRRM ever wrote out a complete tomb for his world’s history, I would read it just to read it. I am that geek.

Well, despite this being a post about how I write better during these hours, it seems to have gotten a little away from me. What are your writing hours? How do you set the mood or make sure you are writing at top efficiency? Do you write a lot or a little on the side, which will never see the page?

With that have a peaceful night, filled with food you can chew. I so look forward to chewing again.

6 Comments on “Prime Writing Time

  1. What are your writing hours?
    830pm to 12am weekdays, whenever available on weekends.

    How do you set the mood or make sure you are writing at top efficiency?
    Minimal distraction, with no constantly bickering kids and looping Disney/Dora drilling into one’s subconscious. Usually listening to trance podcasts or story-world mood music.

    Do you write a lot or a little on the side, which will never see the page?
    Everything I write ends up on the blog.

    I agree with your ‘multi-use world history’. Feist is particularly good with it, as generations have gone past in Midkemia.

    There are ten main areas of my ‘Big Project’ story world, and hopefully sub-stories can be made. Area 1 definitely has the richest storyline, and is begging for self-contained or ‘history’ stories.

    May your wounds heal quickly =)

    • What’s story-world mood music? Nice response! Very thorough. Nice learning about the habits of other writers.

      • For my ‘Big Project’, the story world of Book 1 is inspired by the Middle East. I bought a CD entitled ‘Concerto of the Greater Sea’, which is in the Middle Eastern style, and helps me focus.

  2. The right music will always get me in the mood to work on my novel. Time, for me, is much harder. Having a 24 hour/day job looking after my kids, I never know when I’ll be busier and when it will be quieter. Nighttime seems like the sanest option, but I’m just so tired! When I do get time alone I usually find my best time is afternoons… to make a long story short.
    Nice post. Hope you’re chewing again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Right now the nubs are tender, but I’m putting down a goodly amount of food. I haven’t taken pain meds in nearly 12 hours and if all I have are sore spots, I’m going to man it out. I can’t even imagine the struggle of writing with kids.

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