The Raw Kelst: That which he’s given up

I preface with this is what was going through my head when driving. It’s been a while. A long while. I’m not offering up. I’m waiting for someone and she’s taking her sweet time. The fact I chewed ice (an act I generally loathe) should have been a sign as to what I would think up on my drive home from the gym. And suddenly this story of Kelst popped up, one which would take place before my book. At first, I thought this isn’t Kelst. Then I realized yes, this is. If a man is willing to hold off all other women for you, it’s not that he’s not looking at other women, it’s that he’s not acting because he loves you. I know I wasn’t perfect on this. I know I looked likely too often and eagerly. I admit my fault to the world. But at the end of the day, I just wanted you. At the end of today, I just want you. Miss you, honey. Love you. Now onto something far less sentimental.

Kelst was chewing on a root in the academy, reading over the book in front of him. He gnawed viciously in the hopes the medicinal properties would calm him, but it did no such thing. The words on the page were hard to focus on, shifting at will. Then the voice of his friend Cliatus snapped him out of his frustrations. “Studying hard?”

“No. Not in the least. The page dances in front of my eyes, my skull feels like bursting, and my mouth isn’t pleased with this abyss touched root.” He slammed the book shut with as much force as he was willing considering the poor binding and slammed the table. “To the abyss with all of this! To the abyss with my feelings, heart, eyes, and all other parts of me!”

“You sound a little,” Cliatus thought a moment, his fingers running over a rough wooden table, circling a knot which left a whole, “a little pent up.”

Every swirl around the hole, every dip of his friend’s finger into the opening, caused a nervous bundle to build up in Kelst’s gut. It caused his stomach to tighten, to clench but for no purpose. It caused his loins to stir in the most frustrating of fashions, without any physical indication as if impotence had struck him at his young age. It wasn’t that his friend was alluring, it was that Kelst, as he watched the finger penetrate the hole, could think of one and only one thing.

Finally he slammed the table and put his head down, his chest tightening, “I need breasts. Nice, firm, naked breasts. One in each one. One in my mouth. Or just to watch.” He slammed the table again, his head jerking up, “No, I will not just watch. To play with, to taste, to take as my own. Just for this night. A magnificent rack, such as could be compared to the deer in the Pope’s woods.”


“Oh, Ella, falling out of your inadequate bodice! That is a treasure chest filled to the brim with golden honey begging to be suckled! What a feast there is in Ella.”

Cliatus couldn’t help but laugh. His friend was rarely this vocal on his desires. “You can join me for a trip to the brothels. I know you won’t sheathe your sword, but you can at least uncover some bounties.”

Kelst growled, “I cannot. I cannot go and play with boobs. I can not delve in to tits. I can not suckle reddened nipples and make them redden more. I must remain chaste with all my heart, soul, mouth, and prick.” His head slammed against his book, the energy draining. “For I, my friend, am in love, and while I may lust after these ripe producers of sweet nectar, I cannot partake. I will stay my hand from grappling such beautiful mountains. I will wait for her, and lovingly. Or as lovingly as a man frustrated physically may.”

“Are you together?” Kelst only shook his head. “Then enjoy your single life.”

“No. I told her I love her. I may be crass, but I cannot act upon it. As dry as my mouth is. As tasteless as my tongue feels. I only yearn for her breasts, perky and perfect, hidden behind modest robes. Go on without me, my friend, but fondle an extra pair for me, as if I cannot wield the milky white bosoms of beautiful women, a true friend ought to in my stead.”

“I take this duty very seriously. I shall of course play with at least two pairs. Maybe more. Have a good evening, or as good as one might with such sexual anguish.”

“Anguish indeed! Now be off with you.” Kelst finally lifted his head from his book, his face red. He waved his friend away, and as Cliatus left, he continued reading and chewing. Chewing so hard on the root that did nothing to the stirring in his loins.

4 Comments on “The Raw Kelst: That which he’s given up

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  2. This reminds me of a scene out of my fantasy novel that I am trying to publish. Really had me rolling!

    • It’s actually a reflection of my own very stimulated day. Not quite that stimulated, but you know, amp it up for the crowd. Glad you liked it 🙂

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