Flow of the River

“There is one river,” the wise man said to the girl. “But there are many paths. You may choose a path for the river.”

“But I can’t right now. There is already a river that flows through here. I need to clean it before I can move on.”

“By not choosing, you also choose. Know a river cannot stop or it stagnates and dies. But do not hate the river for the path you pick.”

“I’ll pick that path later. I’ll bring the river to me, but not yet.”

“Rivers have a way of drying up.”

“It can’t do that to me. The river will wait for me.”

“Rivers wait for no one. You either are on the river, or the river flows forward.”

“That’s not fair! It can’t!” Her face turned red. Her voice raised.

“Do not be angry that the river moves. Do not get angry that you have chosen this path. You are the one not wanting the river. The river has done all it can to wait.” With that the wise man walked off. The river wept.

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