A Desperate Hunter

“Jack, what the hell was that?”

There was a lot of warm, red liquid oozing down the side of Jack’s face. The world spun and was filled with stars. He learned in a class, seemingly in another life, that when you see stars it’s because blood is pooling in your eyes. It was a bad sign. Granted, it was one of the least severe of numerous bad signs. “I told you I did dangerous work. Do you have a band aid?” That’s all he needed. If she had three band aids he could be as good as new. The blood was now dripping on his chest, soaking into his clothes. Maybe he needed more than a band aid or three. Perhaps a bottle of Jack. He chuckled. His name was Jack.

“Don’t you start that. You need to focus. You need a hospital?”

Lisa was a sweet girl. She was beautiful, charming, and very comforting to Jack until the past approximately four hours. Then she thought he had gotten on the crazy train and said she was getting on with him to prove it was all ridiculous. If she hadn’t come he’d still feel as if he were in his own body. The world was continuously distorting. It reminded him of his childhood, when as a boy he slipped and fell on ice. The back of his head took a strong hit and the entire world kept going out of focus, getting farther and closer away. He needed that focus bad.

“Sweetheart, here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to run. I’m going to say thank you for an amazing week by trying to kill this thing.”

“It’ll kill you.” Her voice was becoming more frantic, eyes going wide. Jack knew there was something he was supposed to do. Some soothing line he would feed her to make her think everyone survives this. But he couldn’t remember it. He couldn’t grab hold of it to pull it to the forefront of his thoughts. All he could think was the world looked ridiculous and there was something trying to eat him. And the pain in his forehead where the warmth was trickling out of. He was very aware of that too.

“Likely will. But if you stay it’ll kill us both. Get going. This is what I signed up for.” There was a growl in the air. “Get running.” There was a shotgun by his side. He picked it up and slowly loaded shells in it. Each used silver for the buckshot. “You can pretend none of this happened. You can go home to your loving parents and what have you. But I really suggest running.”

Jack stood up, his mind finally starting to gain some normality. The blood loss was making him weak, but he had no choice but to continue forward.

Lisa helped him, steadying him. He looked forward and tried to see through the darkness, opening his eyes wide. Lisa whispered, “It’s in here.”

“It is. It’s probably too late for you to run.”

“You’ll kill it.” There was a skittering of claws behind them and he whirled around faster than he should have. Jack’s head spun and he took a knee.

“Maybe, but not likely. This would be difficult on my best day, and I am not having my best day.”

The world darkened, aside from a pair of glowing, yellow eyes. Jack smiled. This monster wasn’t having its best day, either. It charged at the seemingly weak prey. Jack pulled up the shotgun and pulled the trigger. He and Lisa flew back, and he hit his head again. The world darkened and he passed out.

When he came to, Lisa was over him, telling him to wake up. The beast should have eaten them. It was supposed to be it. But when Jack lifted his head, he saw across to him, much to his astonishment, the werewolf was dead. There were three more rounds of buckshot loaded into it, and Lisa, with her tank top, was showing a nice bruise on her shoulder. Jack smiled, “I’m going back to bed. Good job on the hunt.” His eyes closed and he fell asleep, to wake up much later in Lisa’s bed, his blood soaking her sheets and the bandages wrapped around his head. It could have been a worse day.

6 Comments on “A Desperate Hunter

  1. An enjoyable quick read =)

    Are Jack and Lisa supernatural being hunters, or were they inadvertently caught in the situation?

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