Hammerschlagen and why this weekend will rock

Friday night I have a murder mystery dinner! I’m excited. This is my first one and I feel there will be plenty of memories.

However, not as many as may occur on Saturday. I’m playing Hammerschlagen. For those of you who read, we’re not doing the hardcore Bavarian style where you use the sharp end of an ax to hammer in the nail. We’re using real hammers without sharp edges. But still, we will be throwing around hammers, trying to hit a nail into a tree stump, while drinking alcohol. From what I gather we then go shoot stuff and blow other stuff up. We drink, play with hammers, shoot things, and handle explosives. This is a blog worthy weekend. Could this weekend get any better?

Oh yeah, if I survive I get a new Rav4 or CRV.

It should help my mind wander from the stressers, which will be great. Tomorrow is one month before tough mudder, and I can’t get distracted from that. We’ll see what happens, but truly, I couldn’t be more excited. Sucks that it’s only Tuesday.

3 Comments on “Hammerschlagen and why this weekend will rock

  1. That is AWESOME! I have always wanted to do a murder mystery dinner. Really wish I could go with you. Looking forward to the post about it 🙂

  2. The whole throwing hammers and blowing things up sounds more interesting than the murder mystery dinner. I’ve hosted one of those and it was really fun, but hammers just sound soooooo cool.

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