Story of the Ithnek Trench

The priests of Ithnek often prayed to the entity of Ithnek and her mother Ulseus, yet for their work they had little more than a friendly visit. To the priests, this was acceptable, but Ithnek felt sad she hadn’t done more for the devotees. So she appeared to a young mer priest, Phaerin, and beckoned him, “Young priest, come with me. I’ve many treasures to show you.”

Thinking this was a call to see her secret parts, Phaerin responded, “Ithnek, born of the trench and the creator, maker of good and great things, and giver of pleasure unbound to mermen, I am a priest of yours, and though I remain from the flesh of mermaids, I must remain from yours as well.”

Ithnek laughed and kisses his cheek, “Young priest, I do not come to tempt you. I come to teach you. Follow me to the trench I was born in. I wish to show you something great and mighty.” Confused, embarrassed, and mostly curious and excited, Phaerin followed her to the Trench.

The trip took some time, but soon Phaerin was at the holy site he had only visited once when he was first joining the priests. Ithnek handed him a large plate of coral and kissed it while he held it. Then she pressed it to his chest and it formed as a breastplate, wrapping around his body, yet being loose enough he could remove it if he wished. The coral continued to grow until it finished two plates, with straps over the shoulders and ribs.

Awed, Phaerin asked, “How?”

“All you bring here will be blessed as such. It will aid you in facing the sea. It will aid you in protecting yourself from the many predators Thress has to offer.” For Thress, the Sea, had many predators which often endangered the life of the mer.

Ithnek taught Phaerin a rite which could only be learned by the priests and could only be used to bless a single piece of coral while the sun was in the sky, though the Trench was too deep to know such things. Because of this blessing, it became named the Ithnek Trench. This was also how the mer learned to make armor and weapons which could withstand the might of the land dwellers, though the land was still untouched by the mer, all their requirements met by the sea.

4 Comments on “Story of the Ithnek Trench

    • Especially when they’re self replicating! Yeah living stuff! 😛 The replicating was thought of as she was creating the armor and I went, that’s just awesome.

  1. Nice work. Coral armour would be an eye-catching outfit =)

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