Story of Thress Becoming the Sea

Ithnek, first born of the Trench and daughter of Ulseus, goddess of all things, who birthed Ithnek by cutting the ocean floor, was a beautiful girl. She had long locks of seaweed hair, eyes as black as the depths, and a slender body with a long, muscular tail. Her fins danced just so and shimmered as if the sun were penetrating all the way down to the Trench. From time to time it was said she would court a young merman, and though she left, he would never be capable of finding a woman as wonderful.

However, Ithnek still had other potentials which had not spilled over, and this was realized one day as she walked through the coral garden of Thress. Thress was a young mermaid filled with love and life. She cared for fish, guided dolphins, fended off sharks, and aided in the growth of a great many plants. Her tail was a beautiful aquamarine with thin fins on either side, ridged with deep blue. Her hips were wide connecting to her upper half, though she was slender. Dark green eyes and deep blue hair adorned her soft face. Thress was loved by many, but she only had love for the flora and fauna of the see.

Ithnek saw this love when she visited the coral garden and took a single piece of coral, snapping it off from its brethren. Thress did not witness this act, as Ithnek was quite aware of what her reaction would be, but nonetheless there was a shriek from the humble dwelling place underwater, “Who would harm my beloved coral?”

It didn’t take long for Ithnek to realize how powerful Thress’s connection to the coral was, and she awaited the young mermaid’s wrath. The girl’s face contorted, wrinkled, and brow furrowed. Jagged teeth in her maw protruded as her mouth rescinded to reveal her mouth’s daggers and gums. “How could you?”

The beautiful visage of Ithnek did not move her fury, a fact which amused the entity. “You are very attached to the life of ocean.”

With that, Thress launched herself at the intruder and bit Ithnek, drawing blood and drinking it in. With the first gulp her eyes went wide and her mind pulled into itself, leaving her to float. Ithnek was stunned at the red gushing from her arm, but with little effort it ceased as if nothing had happened.

It is said Thress became one with the sea. As a reward for her love of all the creatures below the waves, she became one with them all. This is why it is the Thress Sea. To this day mer claim they see her, especially when great love or malice are shown to her creations.

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