The Legend of Aeronium and Dragon Rites

Aeronium is an alloy derived from iron and lexur. Iron is found abundantly in the Cliffs. Lexur is a rare mineral deposit only found in the present day kingdom of Gunret. The mineral is not homogeneous in color. Clear, green, blue, and a combination there off goes through the crystal which can be melted down at high heat and churned into the iron. Some have used steel or have mixed it in with steel, though the quality is inconsistent at best. Five famed suits of armor are steel aeronium, while hundreds have crumbled the first time struck. The reasons for this are unknown and no master has been able to create a consistent formula for steel aeronium.

Iron aeronium is still very strong and is very light. The quality of armor for protection is in line with iron while being as light as every day clothing. This was discovered on accident by the Ruegent city-state many centuries ago. The kingdom and city-state have switched names a few dozen times since then. Gunret has lasted near two decades, an excellent length of time for the highly violent history.

The armor is used heavily by both dragons and riders, though only the most talented or wealthiest are capable of acquiring. Riders with a legend are afforded aeronium armor simply so the smith can claim they made it for that rider. The wealthy purchase it. The more well known a rider, the cheaper the price, however it’s still a small fortune. A smith may produce a half dozen free armors in their life time. Often times, nations end up paying the price for a quality dragon rider to get armor.

In Cordetal, there are dragon rites, rituals passed down through the years to imbue special properties on items. Dragon body parts are required. Some are trinkets such as tooth fragment amulets to give resistance to the heat, slightly harder skin, or more strength. More commonly, Cordetal is contracted to imbue aeronium armor. The rider must slay a dragon with his own hands. Often times this will happen while in combat against another nation. The rider collects the dragon’s innards as his spoils for war and brings them to Cordetal with a caravan.

At that time, the gore is turned into a glaze which is repeatedly applied to the aeronium armor in a ceremony taking several weeks. Once finished the armor takes on a sheen which matches the color of the dead dragon. Some riders are very particular about their targets in a war when attempting to imbue their armor for this reason. Once finished, it is very common the rider will have scales plate the armor of a fang will be embedded.

Historical annotation: Valynt forbids its riders from going to Cordetal at all, even for this process. They make the claim the city is full of heretics and this does not honor the order of dragon and man, but degrades the dragon in death. However, it is also said that some of their dragonnaires will still attempt to claim the corpses of white or silver dragons and have the operation done covertly. Others claim that Valynt pays for the procedure, though none would dare to question the nation as to the truth of this matter. I, for one, do not plan on returning there in my lifetime after writing this.

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  1. A person is telling us this? Is this person a famed academic or researcher?

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