The Legend of the Leaping Man

Man was not always able to jump into the heavens. When man and dragon were first bound together as beast and rider, there was no need for man to bound into the sky. However, one dragon, Gardeaux, was displeased with his lot in life and thought dragons and mans were not equals. Gardeaux believed dragons were superior to their riders and so he spread this idea to other dragons and the dragons believed him.

A rebellion started in the lost kingdom of Tourn and the dragons joined Gardeaux, ripping apart the kingdom and leaving no inhabitants. No one missed Tourn, and all believed they mistreated their dragons. Gardeaux had his followers spread through to the other kingdoms and city-states, and one by one they fell to insurrection. By the time man realized what was occurring, it was too late.

Three kingdoms remained: Valynt, Telisent, and Harlieu. A conclave was had in Valynt, the largest of the kingdoms, and the holy men and great dragon riders spoke at length and prayed to the gods and bartered with the dragons. Harlieu was lost during this time and it is said their dignitaries flung themselves off the Cliffs of Rendar in mourning.

Finally, the gods reached down to Desunt, a Valynt general, and told him to fling himself into the heavens and the heavens would catch him. With spear in hand and donning aeronium armor, he pumped his legs with a strength never known before and propelled himself towards the dragons overhead. He shot above them and came down on Gardeaux’s skull, plunging his spear deep and bringing the mighty beast down in one strike.

Others were blessed as well and now the gift is spread through seed or blessings. Man hunted dragons for three decades before the dragons understood man and dragon were equal and the two once more worked in tandem to bring peace and unity to the Cliffs.

Historical annotations: It is worth noting Dysunt isn’t the only Dragonnaire accredited with jumping. The peasants believe it was Jurn, a lowly but pious man who killed a dragon with his miner’s pick. The Telisent, before their demise, had stated Renee, a young and handsome prince, slayed Gardeaux.

Dragons, when asked, balk at the idea Gardeaux was killed immediately. Though they rarely speak on the issue, and they will never breathe word of it in Valynt, they state that it was a long and drawn out battle before man brought down Gardeaux, and at that time the dragons were near extinction, just as man was. It became very clear that man and dragon were not meant to be enemies, as such a war would lead to mutual destruction.

It is also believed that food was growing scarce. The mer were claiming vast tracks of the farming land and man and dragon had become more reliant on the fields than either had thought.

Mer-hugging peace lovers claim that this never happened. Obviously some men were born with the ability, and others were not. The gods blessed without the need for bloodshed. They also refuse to believe the mer are a bloodthirsty underwater race and claim we can all live in unity. We’ve yet to have one return alive from peace talks.

4 Comments on “The Legend of the Leaping Man

  1. Very well thought out ideas and legends. I am jealous. I am taking a different approach in my uncivilized lands.

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