The Story of Ithnek and the Birth of the Mer

In the Sea of Thress, long ago, there was only water. The ocean floor was smooth and without pox. There was no life. But one day, Ulseus, goddess of waters, became bored with the world and struck the sea floor over and over again. This is how the the ocean floor was given character.

However, she became angry that despite all the strikes and marks she placed upon the ocean floor, nothing had happened. So she struck over and over again in the same place until finally the earth broke open and bubble burst forth along with a little girl with blue hair and a green tail.

Ulseus took this little girl and nursed her until she was an adult, and while the girl grew, life grew throughout the Sea of Thress. Ulseus rejoiced in this and watched as a young race prospered in savage youth called the mer. When the little girl born from the trench, nursed on Ulseus’ milk, was old enough, she spoke.

“Ulseus, I am your daughter, born of your frustration and love for something more in this world. I am Ithnek. Those people are the mer. Love them as you loved me. Nurse them as you nursed me. Give them the milk of knowledge and they will prosper and make you proud.”

Ithnek then went to the trench where she lived, while Ulseus went to the mer in the guise of Thress, though that is a story for another time.

3 Comments on “The Story of Ithnek and the Birth of the Mer

  1. Wow, the story of the Mer on its own has the potential for epic =)

    • Thanks! They’ve become a lot of fun to make. At first they had little definition and now they’re starting to really shine.

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