Why I dislike Hyrule

I started playing Final Fantasy IX this morning. It was beautiful, despite the graphics. The concept was neat, the world was well developed, and they had created eight worlds before it. Something truly admirable about the series (even though I haven’t really gotten into it since X) is that they fully realize a world each time they make a game. The threat is different, the characters are new (aside from Cid, Sid, etc), and it’s a beautiful creation.

I note this because not long ago I purchased the book on Hyrule, a guide to all things Zelda. I was vastly disappointed and it took me some time to realize exactly why.

It impressed me how much was put into NPCs. They were full realized, had their quirks, and so on. But what wasn’t realized was the world and Link and Zelda. It was one dimensional. The games were pretty much all the same. “Save the princess from the evil red headed black man.” Sure he takes different shapes, but history just repeats itself in a weak re-imagination over and over again.

Don’t be Hyrule. When you create a story make it your own and make each one fresh. People buy video games to generally be mindless, but not books. Still disappointed in Hyrule.

11 Comments on “Why I dislike Hyrule

  1. FF9 is my favourite of the series because it is so well imagined. Sadly I’ve found that after ff10 the stories have started taking a backseat to the graphics/gameplay…. they are losing what makes the series special. Without the awesome story/characters they are no different from any other rpg. Makes me sad.

    ahem…. I seem to have gone off topic a bit there. Sorry about that. But yes, the greatest challenge (and fun) for an author is creating that fresh and exciting world full of vibrant, developing characters. Don’t know how you guys do it.

      • really?? I couldn’t stand blitz ball!!! It made me so mad and I just couldn’t figure it out.

  2. Dear Sir, you speak ill of a fantasy world dear to me since 1989!

    Ah, you purchased the ‘Hyrule Historia’? It had a focus on ‘Skyward Sword’, the latest game in the series, as it is the first game in the whole chronology.

    Yes, there is a degree of ‘same old’ to each incarnation. The motivations of the main heroes and villains remains similar with each generation. Maybe the Triforce is to blame, since it activates their inner focus =P

    In your opinion, who is a good example of character development throughout a long-running series? The only proviso to the question is that the series must be longer than a trilogy.

    • Do role playing games count? I so loved Beckette from Vampire the Masquerade. However, being a vampire there was little development. He was who he was.

      I’m liking pretty much everyone Martin has written about as far as his characters (well, and everything else Song of Ice and Fire). Otherwise, honestly don’t read many stories about one character that lasts over a trilogy. There aren’t many video games with that type of history. Usually 2-3 and done. Or it’s Mario-esque games.

      What about you?

      • The ‘Legend of Drizzt’ series has been quite good at developing characters, as being a 13-book series allows you to do so. The ‘Wheel of Time’ has done well with character exploration of its main protagonists and antagonists over its 14 books.

      • Indeed. It definitely set itself apart from the rest in a good way. Especially before the horrendous few to follow. One of my favorite RPG’s to inspire me has been the game Golden Sun. For a game stuck on the GBA it really did well in accomplishing a unique and grand story as well as developing it’s characters along with it.

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