Less is always more, unless you’re lying

Posted yesterday or this morning? What day is it? It’s been that long of a day. Tips on writing scenes to keep that moving and to always remember people lie. Your characters are supposed to be people, so make them lie. Hope you like it. The site’s a great one as well.

Broken Mirrors

There are Game of Throne spoilers from the first book. However, as one site stated, the book is 13 years old. That’s like saying Luke’s father is a spoiler.

I received some great advice about writing from a magazine somewhere. It was an article about writing a novel as you would write a screenplay. Start your scenes late and end them early.

This stuck in my head as I was reading a novel which was recently turned into a movie and I wanted to know what it was about. If it is selling like hotcakes, there’s a reason, and I was basically doing research as to what intrepid readers like reading. Each and every scene is too explained. It’s not even just starting in the middle of the action and ending just before we’re given any real closure. If you read Game of Thrones, one moment Bran is pushed…

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