I lived my epic

I did Tough Mudder today. Finally. It’s been seven months since I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and push myself to limits unforeseen for myself. I did and I learned so much. Here’s my list of what I learned from TM. There will likely be a story later.

1) It’s amazing how easily you forget the rain when you’re regularly waist deep in mud, running, climbing, and crawling. For that matter, it’s amazing how easy it generally is to forget the mud and water. Or at the very least find it not that uncomfortable.

2) Sliding down a 30 foot mud slide and then going into a standing position is a lot of fun. Doing it wrong is a lot of pain. Well, it could have been that or that I was just electrocuted.

3) Speaking of electrocuted: I hate getting electrocuted. It hurts. It hurts a lot. I took a good zap to my arms, which I could feel through my upper back muscles. No. Bad. I don’t like this feeling at all.

4) With any journey, the heroes should have the crap scratched out of them. They should be raw, soar, and scathed. Heavily scathed. Just getting to Mordor should be terrifying. Those hobbits, they should have possibly passed as orcs just due to the punishment they went through. The abuse we put them through is really sad. And the way we generally don’t mention how difficult these travels are is very unfair to their struggle.

5) When the sun is out and you’re covered in mud, it’s like a second skin trying to restrain you. When the mud is soaking wet, it’s fine. It actually looks really cool when you’re covered in wet mud. Like a tan.

6) I couldn’t tell if I was picking out buggers or mud. I know my nose was full of something. It really looked like mud. It did not resemble snot. There was a lot of it.

7) I like jumping off 15 foot planks into water. It’s kind of epic. I do not like climbing 12 foot walls where I have to fall down the other end onto hard ground. So I didn’t do it.

8) Cramps suck.

That sums some of it up. I’m in pain. I’m going to watch TV, eat pizza, and die.

6 Comments on “I lived my epic

  1. Congrats on making it through the challenge. You’ve earned that pizza and death =)

    • Thanks, James! My entire body is sore. Currently the only muscles I can flex without pain are in my face. Apparently I didn’t smile a whole lot.

  2. Nice work, friend. I will be doing Spartan Race in October, and then I plan on the Tough Mudder. I am proud of you.

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