A Love Letter

I received this today at my work email. I’m trying to figure out the angle. It was to undisclosed recipients. There were no attachments. My curiosity is bursting from the seems.


Love is all around! When I look through the window in my home, I see the pigeons caress each other on the tree, I see the leaves of the tree rub each other tenderly. I feel the gentle wind blowing. I want to share all this with my beloved person.

I need such a person very much. I am writing this letter to you because of this. I want to give all I am to the person I will meet and love.

Maybe you can fall in love with me and I will fall in love with you. And love will play the symphony in our hearts for the long happy years. This is the reason I want to know you.



Emelda seems a little pent up with all the rubbing and caressing. Very sexual imagery, or I’m a man and it reflects on my perceptions, but I’d bet it was intentional. Weirdest phishing scam I’ve encounter to date. If you had to write a fishing scam email, how would you go about it?

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