Guatemala: Aftermath

I’ll be going through the day to day, but I want to get the picture first. The trip was pretty life altering, as has been the past few weeks, which is good. I think I’m getting back on track to where I was.

During the trip I realized I want to learn Spanish. I plan on going back again, and I want to be able to communicate fluently. I want to stay there long term in a couple years, but we’ll see what happens. I just really loved it there. The people were nice, the kids were great, and the culture was beautiful. Even if you can’t flush toilet paper. That was weird.

I was asked to join the men’s ministry to help lead. We’ll be working on local mission work, such as soup kitchens, habitat for humanity, and a few other plans to aid those in the area who have the same issues as our Guatemalan friends. I’m incredibly excited for this. It was nice to hear from someone that it was obvious Christ’s love burned in me.

I’m also sort of putting my love life on hold. I try to make sure the next woman is better than the last. Though the break up and subsequent actions were definitely not positive, she made a great girlfriend. I’m exhausted trying to find someone, so I’m going to marry myself to God, the people around me, my writing, and my work. It’s just too difficult to do all this searching and it’s wearing me down and taking time away from other pursuits. When she’s supposed to be in my life, she’ll appear. I don’t need the internet to find her.

Still not looking forward to tomorrow. I do get to see someone I really like talking to, so that’ll be fun. She’ll appreciate the mission work. It was a truly blessed trip. It was eye opening. I’m fairly sure I want to do some more permanent mission work, whether here or abroad.

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