I sat at my computer, watching as September ticked away, a clock at the tenth hour, nearing the eleventh, and decisions had to be made. Do I participate in the daunting NaNoWriMo, as I have every year for the past year, in the fear that I may fail? Or do I launch myself forward into the abyss and pray this time I can navigate myself through?

Staring at the manuscript I mutter to myself, “You first.” That’s it. There’s the ticket. I’ll finish editing. I’ll finish editing for the last time Kelst and Ayne. If I finish before November my present to myself is writing for 30 days with wild abandon. I know the story. I picked it up in Guatemala, but the question was when would I write it? So it’s settled. I’m finishing this final edit of Kelst and Ayne (before it goes to beta readers) this month. Then I’ll put it away and write my cyberpunk story influenced by Mayan and Aztec history. Then I’ll finish up Kelst and Ayne to get it to beta readers. Goal is by the end of December it is in the hands of beta readers and I’m working on the finishing touches of book description, cover, and other items.

I also plan on revamping the site in the coming weeks. Categories will be easier to navigate, I’ll have more in the header, and I’ll be removing a few posts. I’m also moving November 1st and taking vacation days the 3rd and 4th. I’ll use those to get my place set up and get a head start on NaNo. Life is good. God is good. But He is a God of order, and it’s time to organize some of my chaos!



5 Comments on “NaNoWriMo!?

  1. “…cyberpunk story influenced by Mayan and Aztec history.”

    Super intrigued!!!

    Am now uncertain about entering NaNo this year. Was super-pumped, but now that self-confidence has been around -75% for past month, do not believe that I have it in me. There’s always next year…

  2. I’m going to do Nano this year if I can get my 3rd edit of my current novel finished before then. I think I’ll be able to do it. The manuscript needs to rest for a while, so why not the month of November, right?
    Have you already found your beta readers yet?
    Had a hectic week last week but I have your past few posts lined up to read soon. 🙂

  3. Sweet story idea! I want to give my brain a break from my series (while I’m still outlining) and get another fairy tale written. I didn’t even remember that November was the month, but I’ve got it scheduled now. 🙂

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